The In-Glass Fingerprint Reader: Explained!

You haven’t seen a fingerprint reader like this. Yet.

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Mackenzie Hopkinson says:

Can you crack this for you know science from jerryrigeverything pleeaaseee

Reabetswe Bodiba says:

Face ID’s probably the future. These companies are soo far behind from a customer experience POV…

Marcus Valle says:

I wish apple would make the apple logo on the back of all the iPhones a Touch ID scanner. That would be dope

Amar Fayaz says:

I noticed that he said it’s an optical sensor, so can this be fooled by a good quality picture of your fingerprint?

Mo Ha says:

iPhone X 1000$ has a face recognition which used before two years, and vivo is less price with new technology
Apple is dead

John E5333 says:

So much better on the front. Hope the note 9 gets it.

West African Gooner says:

I swear I will never understand the fight against bezels.. One of the reasons I love the moto Z play so much is the bottom with the fingerprint reader and empty space on the sides that let’s me handle the phone better.. These damn curved and bezeless screens make it almost impossible to hold your phone one handed without accidentally touching the screen.. It’s ridiculous

saif binsalim says:

Which phone is this

Major Go says:

good explanation

Nigel Burrell says:

Interesting demonstration, but given FaceID works quite well and will no doubt become perfected in the future, why do we need an in-glass fingerprint reader? And if the answer is to ultimately design a bezel-less phone by removing the front-facing camera and other sensors (used for FaceID), how then would you accommodate Skype video calls and selfies?

Dezz9820 says:

Face ID is surely going to cause me long term eye damage?
I unlock my iPhone X hundreds of times a day and I’ve had it for 3 months now 🙁

Saurabh Jha says:

very nice

Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz says:

Definitely a good idea…

CrepCritic says:

what was the iPhone wallpaper

moritz ferox says:

“Bit slow” its pretty fast if you ask me, the big thing is its faster than apples face ID

CHrr LeeS says:

Only OLED display? So Samsung is Amoled.. hermmmm more interesting for Samsung to explain it working.. just kidding !

ej edge says:

Can you still paste a screen protector over the whole screen? Wouldn’t really look good if there’s a cutout in the screen protector to accommodate the fingerprint under the screen

AlphaLupi says:


Dan Garcia says:

I own an iPhone X not just because of the ecosystem itself, I own an iPhone X because of the following reasons:

1. Smoothness and fluidity of the OS

2. Superior third party applications than that of the android counterpart

3. Better customer service (own experience)

4. Better security

5. Simplicity of the UI

6: Better support (OS updates)

RyberSoft says:

Synaptic guys are just awesome.

Owen. Salisbury. says:

That’s the best smart phone ever.

Sergio Gurrola says:

Yeah, iPhone is going to REINVENT that technology next year… I’m a iPhone guy btw and ftw. Just saying

Pilgrim's Progress says:

Not a fan of oled so for an lcd screen a touchbar at bottom with the tactile button seems best or just an oled panel at the bottom to accommodate the sensor.

Caleb Warren says:

Also, the S10 will also have the in screen fingerprint reader

Smm Hasan says:

Apple will invent it within 1 or 2 years form now.

Alberto Valentin says:

OnePlus will probably get it right

Carlos Montano says:

So my question now is since its an optical senser cant someone just get an hd print of your finger print and use that to unlock?

Pro Ishaan Puri says:

Honestly, its a waste of tech. Do you really need on top of your screen? NO, as it just simply works fine if the finger print scanner is in the back just like in Galaxy S series and most of the other phones. As for complete bazeless phones, i honestly think the main concern lies in sacrificing the selfie camera not the fingerprint which already has a easy solution.

zerocool says:

2018: notches
2019: under display finger print readers
2020: better be a new type of battery tech that lasts at least a week or fully charges in 5 seconds or im done.

iSaiah Rivas says:

I think Apple believes Touch ID is a thing of the past and they want to move to something different

fx9593 013 says:

Very nice technology. At least they are working towards it. And I think they can even perfect it better in the future.

Hustle Wilson says:

I guess the question is; what other ways can devs use this new technology?

Bob Sander says:

so..does it work with a cracked screen?

KEYS says:

Apple gang

Caleb Warren says:

Wait for the Galaxy S10 to come out. 100% Screen baby.

Lucas Ledinek says:

Does the fingerprint work with screen protectors ?

karlzhao314 says:

I doubt that the size of the CMOS sensor will increase to much more than what’s already on this phone. 2-3 times, maybe. Bottom third? Pretty improbable. CMOS sensors are affected by yield rates the same way CPUs are, and even a sensor the size of 35mm film (a full-frame digital camera) gets incredibly expensive to manufacture, which is why you only see them on cameras upwards of $2000. While this sensor is likely much simpler and possibly monochrome, I still doubt that it could be economically feasible to manufacture a 5.5″ diagonal CMOS sensor.

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