Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Fingerprint Reader – Review

Did you know that the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact has a Fingerprint reader? This video is completely dedicated to the cool Fingerprint reader found on the Xperia Z5 Compact, so why don’t you join us to take a quick look at it?


If you watched our previous video on unboxing Xperia Z5 Compact you may remember that I mentioned its Power button is slightly bigger. And now we know the reason. The power button of the device also acts as its fingerprint reader.


To access the fingerprint reader settings, go to the Settings menu, select the option for security and then select Fingerprint Manager. The screen displayed shows how to get started with the fingerprint reader and when you go further, it requests you to first add a new PIN. Once you go through the rest of the usual screen lock settings you are requested to keep your finger on the scanning area or in other words, the power button several times to scan your fingerprint and finish the process. You can also see that it allows more than one fingerprint to be registered.


When tested it was visible that the response time to unlock after identifying the fingerprint is high. If you use a wrong finger on the power button, it will request you to try again 3-4 times before proceeding to lock the fingerprint scan feature and requesting for the PIN.


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Kooper Fox says:

that is soooo speed

Mohammed M Hilal says:


Goal Sport says:

Pliiiz Drop Test Sony Xz5

MHP909 says:

i would like to see a speed between the z5 compact and iphone 6

Fusion twistz says:

that is impressive for a fingerprint reader made by a company that has never used that technology before, looking forward to grabbing my Z5 premium when it is released!

Rahimur says:

I wonder which is faster, the 6s with its second generation fingerprint reader or Xperia Z5

DuckStepzz says:

i have the sony experia z3 compact

Hai Maimon says:

Please do more videos about the z5 Series

pyroteknika says:

that has to be the fastest fingerprint unlock!

簡睿鋒 says:


Burak Kunt says:

It’s good to have a fingerprint reader but i’m not sure is it good placement on the side because i like using phones with cases and even the case got a cutout for the reader it’ll be hard to place your thumb in there i guess

AXMT says:

Do a fingerprint scanner speed test between this and the iphone 6s

sayfi plum says:


majdi saead says:

Can you do a benchmark test for this device (antutu,geekbench and quadrant standard) please ?

Rose Anaya Polo says:

nice 🙂 camera test please 😉

Jose Salazar says:

May you please test it with S6, 6s, G4 and other smartphones

Mohammed Bilal says:

hey Adrian, can you do a video a of samsung s6 edge+ , note 5, sony Xperia z5 compact fingerprint test (about which unlocks the device faster)

ika C says:

Good review

The Fire Gamer says:

z5 compact vs z3 compact speed test

Sai karthik says:

Gaming in z5 compact please

W Tahan says:

Thank you for sharing, but could u please include in ur review video whether its possible to use our left hand fingers as well, coz I’m a Sony user and I’m left handed so I want to make sure that I will be able to enjoy this feature when I upgrade to the new Xperia Z5

lvimal says:

fanta freeze test

Nahuel Gutierrez says:

Great stuff, could you check the water resistant feature?

Georgia N says:

Please do a full review, camera, battery life, overheating(if any). You do great videos by the way.

Bledi Krasniqi says:

Damn its faster than i thought

Shiekh Hasnain says:

you should do an antutu benchmark test plz its a req.

uchiha itachi says:

let’s see speed test between the z5 compact and the iPhone 6s

The gamer 420 says:

are you sweden

Ali Khuram Ijaz says:

WHich would you pick normal z5 or z5 compact

Bahu says:

buy a samsung galaxy grand prime value edition

Mohammad Arqam says:

notice me!!! also do a water test. even tho its not resitent?

HeadshotMachine™ says:

wow that is fast

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