Samsung Galaxy S8+ Fingerprint Scanner Review 2 Months Later

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Fingerprint Scanner Test Review 2 Months Later, Comparison vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium, HTC U11, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge/Note 7, LG G6.


John Moon says:

Believe or not Samsung is still using a damn plastic for their finger print sensor
Not sapphire or ceramic… plastic! And asking ton of money for it

Je-Al Alindada says:


Sang Yang Lee says:


Cigex15 says:

Could you do a water test with the phones. LG, samsung, Sony?

jad hzim says:

Samsung phones never had excellent fingerprint scanner

romeomuradin says:

also with the case it’s easier to put your finger correct on the s8 as you’ll have an guidance line

Danny boy says:


Moustafa Zouzou says:

Hey Buddy nice video I want to ask you about really hard decision made me confused for weeks..I want to buy new phone I have xperia sp and I was hardly thinking to either buying Huawei P9 or Xperia XA1 ultra what do you recommend my friend?…

Loki Prince says:

do camera test on xzp and s8and htcu11and p10

وصفي رضوان says:

I love your videos and you will have a great future in YouTube ♥

Johnny Pigman says:

If you don’t want to burn your house down, you know that you should remove that big bomb over there.

昨夜西风 says:

note 7…I have called 911, please be prepared for the police squads.

Mohammad Ahmadi says:

I own all the phones you reviewed here except for the note 7 (returned the note 7 due to the recall)

raghu radha says:

ewe the s8 lol

Nazis Hunter says:

My fingerprint scaner on my s8 plus its just perfect ! fast and pro.

Saadiq Ganief says:

You can double tap the screen to wake up the XZ Premium with out touching the finger print scanner. But first check if the option is on to wake up the phone on double tap.

Piyath Alawatte says:

Samsung is pretty much awful these days. If it isn’t for Super AMOLED they might have been long gone.

Loki Prince says:

do video any issues u find in all this phones like heating issues and lacking

Tech Guy says:

You should invest in an actual video camera to record your videos. I really think that getting a camera makes your videos look more professional and you can get a wider FOV and be able to zoom in/out.

Naz says:

best thing about this video…. seeing a note 7 in action

Sevsnk says:

The moment he takes off the s8 case, ewwwwwwwwwwwww

romeomuradin says:

i don’t like fp scanners that unluck without actually clicking the button as they unluck accidentally in your pockets of you put your hand inside the same pocket

Hendi Hendi says:

hi there

Dayan Falcon says:

sony is the best smarphone this year…

tv android says:

The crapmoled looks like a toy next to the premium xz

Waqar Khan says:

Okay, I own Galaxy S7 Edge, after I had returned the Note 7, before that I had note 4, the Note 5, I bought but gave it away as a gift to my Dad, since I already had the rooted Note 4…and I had flashed the Note 5 software, and Note 5 didn’t have the SD Card…..
I had bought another phone by ZTE AXON that had the Finger-Print scanner at the back…and I thought that was actually a great idea, since I could use my index finger to unlock the phone……and I thought that was perhaps the best idea..since I hold the phone in my hand, and I could just unlock the phone with one had, using my index finger from behind….I don’t have the S8 which most people complained about the finger print scanner being placed at the back of the phone.
Now, I’m waiting for the Galaxy Note 8, and I wouldn’t mind the finger print scanner being set at the back; however, I hope it does have the 4k display or else I’ll have to skip the Note 8 and wait until Samsung get the Note 9…….

PS S8 finger print is not confusing, yes it would has a learning curve…but if it works like ZTE Axon, that is perhaps the best…and more secure.

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