Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris vs Fingerprint Scanner Review

Iris scanning is one of the biggest new features of the Galaxy Note 7, but is it better than the fingerprint scanner that we’ve all gotten so used to? In our review we put both head to head in a couple of day-to-day scenarios to see how fast each one is, how accurate they are and how convenient one is versus the other. Which wins in the end? You might be surprised!

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Mohanraj Nataraj says:

What do u think

dgm415 says:

but your girl can’t unlock your phone with the iris scanner, with the finger print unlock she can just place your finger on the phone if you are asleep and have access.

okniceguy says:

i was under the impression they added that extra step in the iris scanner for a “security” feature… but i suppose it’s more of a hindrance. maybe an update or three iris scanner 2.0 Will be better.

Rose b says:

on my last samsung phone..every phone I ever had broke with in the screen after 6 months just won’t do…then you send it in to get fixed and wait for weeks and it still don’t more for me thank you

Lobate Diop says:

nice video… thanks.

Hert Niks says:

Damn this guy looks like that guy from Backstreet Boys

Piano Man Jay says:

Just curious, what was up with the reverb on the vocals in this video?

Evan Vance says:

ONLY LETS ME PUT 4 Fingerprints in on my NOTE 7

Omar says:

Can I put them both?

Shad0z says:

..damn the lumia 950 *beta* iris scanner is a lot faster than this shit its slow and… it explodes one thing the note 7 can that the lumia 950 cant do as realiably is being a c4 explosive!

Evan Vance says:

I bought the note 7 after having the 6 plus and the fingerprint scanner bites. It takes me 3 or more times to get it to unlock.

andyH_England says:

With the iphone ios 10 you have the choice of unlocking with one press on the fingerprint reader or two (one to wake). Surely the Note has this option as well? I cannot believe it would not give that as an option on a £800 phone. I know Apple did it because of a lot of hate on the net (not on ios 9) so I am sure Samsung keeps up with that chat! Anyway iris scanner is a gimmick at the moment, though who knows in a year or two? I wonder if that is one of the things causing the so so battery life on the Note? I assume using the laser to unlock 30-40 times a day will have a detrimental effect, as does “always on” screen (2% per hour approx). I have one on order and those two features will be turned off straight away. A tempered glass protector is a must seeing how GG5 is a lot more scratchable than GG4, as is a heavy duty case as dropping this will almost certainly cause a crack or two and it would then not be water resistant. Hopefully the RAM management will be sorted, as it was destroyed in a recent speedtest by the iphone. I also suspect that the phone is slow due to encryption as it is not done like the iphone (software encrypted). They need to sort that out. I was surprised that the speaker is even worse than the s7 and that needs sorting. Bit shocked that Android N wasnt there on launch and now I hear it may be delayed till next year. Lots of good stuff as well.

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