Privacy Manager USB Fingerprint Reader

Keeps your passwords protected by scanning your fingers instead. Windows and Mac compatible!

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menace50 says:

WOOT! I think the mouse used is a Logitech Performance MX, makes me happy..

And anyway, is this kind of system attributable to individual folders and such? Like, lock a folder containing a document with sensitive information?

Breanne Kerner says:

can you use it for pc or does it have to be mac?

Xserozon says:

@s3gnal3 If you’re really paranoid about someone doing what mythbusters did, then have both a fingerprint and password. Easy as that.

BK201MXP says:

is this fake? because when i went to the link i just got a 404 error

nekrimar says:

@Mewstarz Indeed, it’s French

TheLuckySpades says:

Y don’t zou sell it anymore?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hellen says:

@kevintjekevin I’m pretty sure it can, just assign to different fingers.

Emma says:

Surprised you didn’t go with Linux, too. Thought you would. Not that I have it, though, so it doesn’t really matter for me.

FathomLordKarathr says:

@thinkgeek what about linux?

woodywood245 says:

Just out of curiosity, I wonder if this thing is susceptible to the Myth Busters techniques of getting past fingerprint scanners.

ThinkGeek says:

@mrsmelvin48 There are actually a few more features on the Windows side of things, so – yeah. Windows support.

Neil Achacoso says:

idk. but i think of pussy while im watching this.. LOL. no offense..

MoDeRaTeLy SoLuBlE says:

@thinkgeek Tis definitely french

Xenon756 says:


Christoffer Adolphsson says:

I love how the log-in process gets more and more advanced and yet you can usually put in a boot CD/USB and get in without any problems 😛

Bootscoot Lard says:

what mouse is that?

Angel Pineda says:

i need driver for Mac osx 
link for dowload plsss!!  

sisk22 says:

@Mewstarz French.

thecrashzone20 says:

Do you guys no longer carry this?

1000Mosd says:

does it work for pc and mac

Marshall Thomas says:

What mouse is that.

technology productions 2017 says:

you predicted touch ID

Patrick Glover says:

If you have a blister or burn on your fingertip, is it still possible to recognize the print?

Superkaye123 says:

that is really cool

Sean says:

how much is this please respond asap

WiredToTheCore says:

What if you lost the finger scanner thing then does it ask for a password

Superkaye123 says:

that is really cool

whostolemycheeze says:

nice!!! perfect for the pariod relative in your life. (,e(

jnddepew says:

@woodywood245 you can always cut off a guy’s finger if you really need to get in.

BenJ55554 says:

Does it really properly scan your finger and only allow access to your finger or is it another one of those fake ones

Quincy123 says:

My friend has one of these and myth busters helped me go into it and change the settings to my fingerprints

Aki Bowman says:

Is this like a password to log on to your computer?

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