Lenovo YOGA 910 Hands On Review!

The new Yoga 910 sports a sturdy and stylish all-aluminum CNC build. The bezels are narrower and display size and resolution have been increased. The keyboard and touchpad have been improved as well as being the first Yoga device to come with a fingerprint reader.

Club Step by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena @ YouTube Audio Library

Lenovo YOGA 910 Unboxing – https://youtu.be/BXXMIPh_viI
Lenovo YOGA 910 Article – https://bjtechnews.org/2016/08/31/lenovo-yoga-910/

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Sean Harran says:

8:51 scratches the entire screen. WTF??

anthoney seenauth says:

is there a pen that works with the 910?

Shannon Dunn says:

I just got mine and I feel like the touchpad is a bit noisy just doing light taps. Has anyone else experienced this?

Vishwanath K R says:

What is it about CNC that Lenovo and other people are bragging about. Virtually everything these days is milled in a CNC.

Remco Klinkenberg says:

Which iPhone case do you use?

Sandra Marcoux says:

shift key size, camera placement, fans never go off, returned that lemon

Benny BeNosey says:

wish they made a 6.5 inch windows / android mobile in this design with real keyboard (like the yoga book)

Reggie MCH says:

Is this Laptop good for DJing with Serato.?

Jin Kim says:

The review sounds more like whining about what you like or what you don’t like. Don’t care. Should report it like writing. An objective reviewer. Another example of huh? You ran battery run down test right out of the box. Soooo you charged it to full or it comes full or what? Useless.

Brandon Johnson says:

Hey man, pretty nice review! Only thing is that the processor on the 910 is the 7th generation i7 7500U from Intel. You had the right info, just that it would have been nicer to be more specific for next time. Also, I was searching around and saw this channel that was taking a couple of your videos, specifically ones from your 910 review… heres the link, hopefully you’ll report them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0-9b5JxNdE&t=81s

Jeremiah Morton says:

Use the fingerprint scanner!!! It is more responsive and quicker than the iPhone 7 fingerprint scanner.

snowpuppy77 says:

Price too steep compared to what?

Kevin g says:

idk man I know I get crazy battery life on the FHD model I been using for 3 days periodically without charge

stanislavtihohod says:

This dead bottom part of the display is ridiculous. I am not a fan of Microsoft, but this yoga’s screen sucks comparing to their surface book’s 3:2 screen. A lot.

cryomanc3r says:

How do you do a review on a device and don’t use all the features; the fingerprint scanner is one of the best items on the device.

Danial khan says:

I am gonna get this laptop today. Soo excited.

Russell Lewis says:

And reality check… I am on my 4th one and i have to take this one back also. Been at Best Buy every day this week exchanging. Everything from software that won’t work (or restore to factory settings) to batteries getting so hot they push the bottom of the keyboard. today’s replacement… won’t even turn on… although to be fair, i think it is the power supply cord that is defective and they ship them with not enough juice to even boot up. I did have one fan that was… well, not really loud, did seem to start hitting something and made just enough noise to drive you crazy. Other than the camera being on the bottom (ok if you are in tent mode) and the right shift key being in an odd position one key to the right, it’s a pretty awesome little machine. It’s overpriced but, oddly enough Best Buy had the best price. And now they have a variant with a glass cover with a wave design that while doing nothing does look nice. That is my short take on the unit.

haemse says:

Complaining about the price in the end makes the review rediculous. Show me a notebook with this features that costs less …
Actually the pricetag is quite low.

ali al hayani says:

dose all yoga 910 have 4k display

ixidor says:

Why do people hate bezels so much? Bezels = place for my thumb when I’m holding it as a tablet…

Altair Fernandes says:

This “black space” that you said down of the display is a place to hold the laptop when you’re using on the tablet mode, and to hold a 3 pound tablet you need a space for grip

Gforge Smith says:

This or the new Hp Spectre x360?

Fahmi Nagi says:

is the fans loud ?

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