Kangaroo Mini PC Review – $99 Full Windows 10 Desktop PC Mobile Desktop Computer

Buy it on Newegg – http://lon.tv/kangaroo (affiliate link) – The Kangaroo Mini PC is the absolute best value for a fully licensed Windows 10 desktop PC at only $99. It’s made by projector manufacturer InFocus.


00:02 – Hardware Overview
01:40 – Ports and dock
04:00 – Fingerprint reader demonstration
04:07 – Microsoft Word and web browsing demonstration
06:16 – iPad second screen demonstration
07:53 – Minecraft and Counterstrike GO / gaming discussion
09:40 – Kodi and hometheater performance
10:27 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The Kangaroo is powered by an Atom X5 Cherry Trail z8500 giving it faster burst speeds compared to the other slightly more expensive Cherry Trail PC’s we’ve looked at. It also has a battery built in that can power the device for about four hours or so. It has 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage along with a fully licensed version of Windows 10 Home Edition.

The most interesting component is the included docking station. It currently supports most of the ports on the system, including HDMI, two USB ports (one 3.0 and one 2.0), as well as power. Kangaroo says they plan to make additional docks that will add other functionality. Interesting concept.

It also has a feature that allows an iPad to act as a second screen. The software is unique to the Kangaroo but there are other applications that work the same way, namely Duet that I use quite a bit.

Gaming performance is where other Cherry Trail devices are. Adequate for casual stuff and Minecraft, not so much on the more demanding titles.

I don’t recommend this for home theater users as it does not pass through the higher end audio formats. It will do Dolby Digital and DTS as other mini PCs too. It was able to play back Blu Ray MKVs via its built in AC wireless adapter without trouble.

You won’t find a better value for a mini desktop pc. If you’re looking for one this is currently the one to get.

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Soa Ibeh says:

Can I use it for drawing meaning if i can connect a wacom or other graphic tablet to it and use it for digital Art.

iamrlk69 says:

I’ve tied to post this on reddit! I keep getting this “Are You Human? (sorry)”

just tried to install the latest windows 10 home upgrade on my Kangaroo Mini PC It is all messed up now!

It didn’t upgrade! It went to restore previous version and just got a never ending loop! I may have ruined it!

I don’t have a different operating system!

How can I fix this?

Sorry don’t know where else to ask! I dried yahoo answers! I couldn’t upload the photos.






I just did a chat with Kangaroo so I’m downing loading win 10 with media creation tool! Will take hours to download.

ovidio demorizi says:

thank you

Arben Husic says:

Hi there… Nice video…Is that a apple keyboard or? If it’s for pc, can you tell me the brand? I am searching for an apple look keyboard for pc, so if anyone has a suggestion, I am thankful in advance

Emily Cao says:

How expensive was it

Nitesh Babu says:

Hey…. Is this available in other countries.

Kevin Bragdon says:

Just purchased this.

rgray318 says:

Has anyone tried elementary OS on this thing, or even Ubuntu MATE for that matter? Wondering how those run on this device.

Alex MC says:


Bob Snelgrove says:

$99 where ??

Will Devine says:

Bluetooth 4.0???? And is there a headphone jack?

Mimi cristiano says:

can it run cs go because I love it and I am searching for a gaming pc please answer please

Keith Clark says:

I’m wondering if any mini pcs will run iTunes I have a gen one hp stream tablet 1gb of ram downloaded iTunes and it won’t stream any of my movies I own. I buy some digital movies off iTunes for the iTunes extra

Joseanarr says:

Do you think it will run Windows movies maker with ease

Cre Michael says:

I just received mine in the mail today. In love!!!

Proto Propski says:

It sucks that the price of this has gone up since

Keith Reynolds says:

Ipad, Icrap.
Nice video otherwise.

PGI Cruiser says:

Lon, could you do a comparison of this and the Azulle Access Plus? I purchased the AA+ with 4GB/32GB with the Azulle Lynx remote to use as a media center on the road. The combined price was $160. The AA+ is $140 without the remote. I’ve installed Kodi, Pandora and Netflix, and run portable versions of other software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop Elements visit USB stick running on a powered hub. I’ve also attached a portable 4TB HHD to the hub. Everything works fairly well, but the Atom processor is certainly a lot slower than running on a Core i7. The Lynx remote is a disappointment because of ackward placement of some of the keys and poor battery life. The remote should use a rechargeable lithium ion battery, but instead uses 2 AAA batteries that only last a couple of hours. It would be nice to have an internal battery, like the Kangaroo, but of course that would add to the size and weight. The Kangaroo dock is a great idea. I haven’t tried connecting the AA+ to a tablet as its external screen, but ha wondered if it is possible. Would really like to hear from you for your opinion of the AA+ and other options or uses. Thanks for your informative videos.

Kaa Zee says:

Direct from Kangaroo .
PRO DOCK to be sold alone .
From : Joel Adams  (Kangaroo)
May 9, 06:15
We are expecting availability of the Pro dock stand alone within 4-6 weeks.

Syed Ali says:

will this run neo geo/mame emulators fine. if not how about hp pavillion mini pc.

Tee Con says:

can you put a USB adapter for more USB outlets on it. as I would have to run my external drive, wireless keyboard and mouse as well as my magic jack???

Ifraz Ali says:

I want 4 gb ram

ARYAN S says:

can you give me link in amazon plz

Will Jennings says:

Can these small pc’s be used on laptops and override everything on it?

citisolo1 says:

playing serious games on devices like these is outta the question. It’s like buying a standard ford focus and complaining that it doesn’t perform like a Porsche

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