In-Glass Fingerprint Sensor: Testing the limits!

Scratches. Liquids. Shattered glass… How does the in-glass fingerprint reader hold up to a stress test?

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Phone provided by Vivo for video.


A10FT200LBPUMA says:

I kept saying “no please no more” once he started going ham with the 80 grit sandpaper

Rattanak Rin says:

Could you test this on 1+ 6T?

hks071 says:

What about photo of your finger

Chad Hicks says:

Well this is nice to see. Face ID is not enticing at all

Carlos Murphy says:

that face you’re making while sanding it is worth the whole video

Jeeyabul Mustafa says:

Please make comparative video of this and Oneplus 6T.

Vadi Bracaj says:

Thank you for not completely messing that phone up at the end like most channels do

Ruben Kofman says:

I need a phone that unlock with a condon finger tip/ or smelling mine fart and calling immediately 911 by accedent

LiL dude says:

is it more secure than touch id

Ranga Rutiser Sundar says:

8:20 = tears

soumitra sarkar says:

Really vary slow and cheap quality

Johnny The Soccer says:

Scratching piece of glass equals science…

Informative Media says:

I took this indisplay test to next level with OnePlus 6T. And strangely all test got failed. Haha…

Sherry shrey says:

Geekyranjit viewers watch this what ??

Ali zain says:

I want this

Harry Pango says:

When my hands are dirty I don’t even consider touching my phone, let alone trying to unlock it with my finger. The in display works perfectly fine i dont mind the little delay.

Rainbowfrogs says:

Apple should put this on their next phone

Ishmeet Bindra says:

Is this jerryrigeverything?

Double O Double O says:


Ace YouWhy says:

Now you see the advantage of FACE ID!!!!!!!

Vaidant Kabra says:

Get jerry to do this

Sunil Patil says:

You should have asked someone else to unlock the phone using his finger

VineApple says:

7:50 that face!

Kevin Lu says:



Every Tuber says:

i really need a smart phone but i can’t buy this!will you gift me any 1 that u have?¿

Owen Roberts says:


Punit Asopa says:

7:30 cringe warning

Mac OS ManCave says:

What about just another finger? Without registering both thumbs would each thumb work? Is the sensor that good to detect different thumbs or fingers? Not trying to doubt the phone. I am genuinely curious if anyone has actually tried this. All of the reviews I have seen have not tried this yet.

axa3547 says:

Iphone will launch this in future saying this is the first and best on screen finger print sensor

Anton Chiseliov says:

Spyderco Endura ? Cool knife !

Melkofficial says:

RIP fake fingerprints scanner app

Stephen Nesmith says:

Lol… Your face after you scratched it and it still worked! Hilarious! I felt the same.

VaPoRiSaTiOnZ says:


Vin Ang says:

holy shit. a thumbs up for going ALLLL the way!

Connor Anderson says:

Samsung made a phone with one of those a long time ago

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