Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s – Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test. Which has the fastest fingerprint scanner?

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iPad pro says:

Original is iPhone.

Skate Gods says:

U stink iPhones better

Christian Carrington says:

How do you turn off the iPhone animation lockscreen?

Croitoru Liviu says:

i Pad -s7

Aleksa Panic says:

try s7 edge with nougat vs iphone7

John Almodovar says:

They are not selling the galaxy’s because they all have the same battery’s and they blow up I love Samsung galaxy they are going to put new battery’s in them

jericko panlen says:

if apple and samsung can cooperate, then why the communities cant?

Samuel Galloway says:

The difference is so small that this doesn’t matter. But I will not buy an Apple product. Apple has been making extra crappy phones lately and it just shows that people will buy anything they sell.

arman Lp7 says:

how you unlock ur s7 without push the power button . bcuz my s7 don’t unlock when screen is on always on . or off . pls tell me

HaZeM ZooMa says:

fuck samsung
very bad factory

Abba Aja Bukar says:

Pleas try s7 vs note 7 fingerprint speed test

Celso Bruno says:

IPhone for ever

Hurricane Khalifa says:

thanks now i know my phone can open 0.01 sec

anonymous 00 says:

What is a good quality phone without a finger print reader

CraftyTaffy78 says:

Okay so I have a question, is the fingerprint scanner only for the s7 edge? or is it for the s7 also?

Dane Aldrix Caballe says:

You didn’t remove the animations from the iPhone you dumb fuck… you just went into settings and reduce the motion meaning not necessarily you removed it… it has still the same time consuming configuration with the animations though it just has it less prominent than what you would see….. thinking that you removed it…

Brodie Wright says:

iPhones trash

Nalin Pant says:

iPhone 6 has capacitive button or physical button

Sant Alia says:

S7 ka clone kaha se milega

Uday Virat says:

iphone has always on home button jesus

Riot says:

1:02 Nope. IPhone faster..

Alex Crowder says:

my s7 edge has been getting worse and worse at scanning. half the time I end up locked out of my phone because it refuses to recognize it. I entered every angle of both thumbprints into the system and originally it worked perfectly but for whatever reason it’s started failing to recognize my fingerprints lately. Anyone else having this issue?

Joshua Walker says:

It’s because you had always on display that makes it slower

Bilal Maqsood says:

Iphones are shit and they cant beat samsung galaxy fuck you iphones

Ahmed Nasu says:

test with iPhone 7 plus

David Garner says:

S7 question: can you just put your finger on top without pressing the button and it will unlock your phone?

Brett Metivier says:

I’m surprised how far samsung has come

Nickster Covers says:

How do you do it on the iPhone 6????????????????

The Incandescent One says:

I have an S7, and the fingerprint scanner only works like one in every 5 times. /:

Shuntle Long-gat says:

What makes the iphone slower is the animation of it. The iPhone still has a good animation. Even tho the s7 is faster, the animation is like nothing! And sometimes it doesn’t work! Apple wins!

Slushy tiger Baigent says:

Your right

sx90b says:

it was more like a draw to me .. nowadays all flagships from most companiew are so similiar that doesnt matter which phone u get it is basically the same experience

hiephoi058 says:

*Samsung makes Apple look like an amateur*

atro25 says:

IOS have animation.This animation slow figerprint scan 🙂

demscout says:

my wifi is being very cancerous right now

Croitoru Liviu says:


Paul N. says:

You don’t even have to press the home button on the iPhone. Just lightly put that specific finger on the home button and it unlocks.

David Cheung says:

Apple fanboys tryna say that Apple is still better…it’s quick that’s nice but tapping the home button unlocks the phone and checking the time and notifications is impossible with this feature

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