DO NOT buy this $100 Smart Lock…

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There is a metal pin inside this lock that is supposed to protrude into the back panel to keep it from rotating. (See 3:47 in the video on the right hand side of the lock.) Tapplock has said my particular unit is defective, and should not have come apart that easily. It seems to be more of a defective unit situation, instead of a poor design situation. Tapplock said they have reviewed the quality control and found no other defective units. Tapplock will send free replacements to anyone who is able to displace the back-cover without damaging it. AND future batches will also come with proprietary screws. Just wanna keep you all updated!

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At first glance this Tapplock fingerprint scanning padlock may seem like the way of the future… But is it? Is it secure? Is it safe? There is only one way to know for sure and thats with a review from the inside.

Fingerprint scanners are becoming the norm on smart phones and other devices, its no surprise now to see them on a padlock. With a one year battery life, and enough storage for 500 fingerprints, this lock seems super cool.

Made from solid metal, the Tapplock is anti pry and anti shim, making it pretty secure… but… but… what if there is an Achilles heel hidden ’round back. Is it possible to physically hack this $100 dollar smart lock? It is. Its great for the gym or something non valuable. But dont lock anything super secure with it.

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Daniel Yeroshalmi says:

what if the lock dies in the middle of nowhere and u don’t have a portable charger

Swagger Mcdagger says:

nice haircut

Danish Shaikh says:

holy shit this is amazing mahn

izrocket says:

This was my little brothers first video he saw from you. The first thing he said was “Hey! Look! It’s discount Mr. Clean!”

Pigeon says:

Why not just seal the back panel with flex tape

Tim Zurowski says:

Crazy find good work

Alican Tulan says:

Why TF you keep putting those useless arrows we see it

Coca Cola says:

You fuckin baldi asshole

Light_of_ Heaven says:

*F.B.I want’s to know your location*

Evil Shadow says:

Title: Dont buy this $100 lock

Buys two just ruin them 😛

AmazinChannel says:

The back plate should have a notch conected to the lock mechanism, so you would need to open the lock to me able to open the back.
Of course would have the problem of the lock getting stuck closed if the battery overdischarge but they could implement a emergency mode where the system would get energy directly from the charge port

Michael Ullery says:

Dumbass people who buy an electronic padlock

Mr. Foxxy says:

Useless $100 lock.Hacked easily under 30 seconds.

houssem trabelsi says:

plese jerry do samsung s5 durability test please

William Kentner says:

Some one had the thumb lock and got locked in the locker and it had to be cut

Hair on screen says:

A charging port, really?

michael pritchard says:

Lol i saw a guy buy this on a challenge

The Gaming Syndrome says:

Why tf are you so smart

Pat Pedulla says:

0:49 but your name is zack

mmkkay33 says:

Thank you for exposing the way to brake into this lock. So now it is truly useless to buy cause there is a tutorial on youtube to open it

Gmodiscool15 says:

face reveal

sтеаlтн says:

I could hack that lock with some bolt cutters in way less than 30 seconds

Jeremiah Myers says:

Mission complete agent 47

Tycho Frensch says:

I would propably steak the smart lock

Fredd says:

any lock can be opened with a screwdriver

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