Dell XPS 13 (2017) Review: They Did It Again

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Dell has been making some of the best Windows computers for a while, and that reputation is as strong now as it has ever been. That’s no more evident than with the Dell XPS 13. The ultra-portable laptop is not only one of the best spec’d Windows computer you can buy, it’s also one of the best-built computers around. Check out the video to learn more about the laptop.

-Our Review Unit Specs-
16GB-RAM (2133MHz LPDDR3)
3200×1800 QHD+ display (touch)
Optional fingerprint reader

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andyatuvic says:

The webcam has been in the same position for the past few years. Get it right buddy.

Allen X says:

Did he just mispronounce MUSHY?

Jian Yang says:

Telling u a joke, design

Thomas Vanhelden says:

I know so many people that have a Dell XPS (whatever version) that have experienced huge issues. In fact, everyone I know that owns one (5 people) has experienced major problems that required them so send their unit in for repairs (which took more than a month to fix). Just google for Dell XPS issues or read Amazon user reviews, these devices are just riddled with issues. 20-40% of Amazon buyers gave it 1 out of 5 stars!

Seriously, I am shocked that this review doesn’t mention this. I would avoid Dell laptops at all costs.

three bedrooms says:

your hand stretch is worrying

Michael Ewig says:

Check out the new HP Spectre x360!

Salty Mac says:

anyone who says 1600×1900, even by mistake, is useless to me as a computer reviewer

Flavio A says:

Why is it a problem opening a laptop with 2 hands lol dumb

Pietro Di Meglio says:

That’s one ugly laptop

mujjuman says:

talk about all of its problems too… trackpad problems, display problems, motherboard failures, build quality issues, poor support…..
every year these 7-15 min long commercial spit out the same exact information

gravekeeper77 says:

Are you testing the battery life while browsing with chrome or edge? I think chrome eats more battery

e4weitj says:

Is that usb-c Thunderbolt 3 ready?

Tor Ivan Boine says:

still 16:9 🙁

Hussein Bazzi says:

Open it with 2 hands, don’t be lazy. You don’t want the screen to wobble when you use the touchscreen

Eli Malinsky says:

I would have preferred a 2TB mechanical drive over the 512GB SSD. Storage space fills up so quickly these days that I would rather have more storage than faster loading times.

Christoph Schoppe says:

Does it have a MX150?

omegadan says:

Where is Jon?

TJ Lime says:

People that get frustrated because they have to open their laptops with both hands are the people I can’t get along with.

Maxi Designs says:

XPS 13 or MacBook 13″
Can’t decide…

jonassx100 says:

turn off that screen behind you and save electricity

Aiden Do says:

CAn I charge the laptop with Apple USB-C Charger? the 87W one? My laptop is XPS 15

512 Bytes says:

Windows, NO THANKS!

DEATH says:

Razer stealth here happy with it

Donny de Olim says:

Is the USB-C a Thunderbolt 3 port? Can I connect an external GPU thought it?

Jason Tung says:

What’s the improment over the last generation?

MacixTechReviews says:

In india this costs more than Macbook pro! So getting a MacBook is best option in india for those who want a premium laptop

leftplayer says:

Is it just me who hates the touchpad on this machine? I returned a XPS 15 because I thought it was faulty, now got this exact same model, XPS 13, and the touchpad is horrible (non responsive to click, pointer moves erratically or doesn’t move… etc)

alexmoi34 says:

Слава Україні!

Race Master says:


Sobrino says:

You say this is your favorite ultrabook but then spend the next 8 minutes trashing it and saying how it is merely “ok.”

Xxan says:

“packs a punch…is massive… pretty good framerates” what the hell is this good for??

Avik Chatterjee says:

Funny thing is Techbuffalo has the same caption for the OP5T and it was just below this video lol.

Pawel Py says:

you do need two hands to open it, but at least the screen doesnt wobble every time you press on the touch screen

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