Cube Thinker i35 Unboxing – The $499 Surface Laptop Alternative

Surface Laptop 13.5″ 3:2 IPS screen notebook with touch. Cube Thinker i35 specs: Core M3-7Y30, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD, wireless AC, fingerprint reader. $498.99 here: with coupon harvest195 More info:

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Dishi Ganan Kwee says:

Thanks for thorough review, this is just what I’m looking for. I’ve been looking for a desend review of this laptop on youtube.
I’m looking forward for the full review.

deamondeathstone1 says:

Heavy mitol!

Colin says:

looking good so far i like you am impressed with this offering from Cube

Evilo Lio says:

ugh I really want this I just wish they wouldn’t put Chinese only in these laptops, was it hard to back up everything and move over to windows in English?

Timothy Sham says:

Really wanna get this! says:

$498.99 here: with coupon harvest195

Ashton Kee says:

Seems like a great product ! Where can I buy this ?

Findet Nemo says:

Is the keyboard backlit? It doesn’t look like it and it would be a shame if it was missing such simple things as backlit keys

Caio Hungria says:

Three months later review?

Alan Tsui says:

great review,

ChinaMobileMag says:

Looks like the Xiaomi laptops finally got a decent competitor. Looking forward to your full review.

Willem Janzen says:

Thanks for the review, is the Xiaomi Air 12″ a better buy, its about 444 euros.

konstantinos kyriakopoulos says: can you help me out. Iwant a notebook for my travellings for surfing internet and downloading or wathcing on line hd movies i’m thinking of Chuwi lapbook 14,1 or the new 13 inch Jumper EZbook Pro (any other suggestions wellcome)

montosunify says:

should have set it up with 4gb ram and 128gb rom and then try to undercut the xiaomi air 12 in price.

Ti Lu says:

Next video is about new chuwi lapbook 12? 🙂

Michael _Howto says:

why would you want laminated screens, when you break them you have to pay out loads for a replacement LCD as well as digitizer

Luka taylor says:

Hi Chris, been really looking forward to this video, so thanks! would love to see the stylus reveiw, when you do it any chance you could also test it in adobe illustrator in touch mode

Pat Shala says:

Please Teardown. I want to see its internals.

Nader Qudimat says:

Does anyone know what’s the maximum input for the type c port? Is it 12v 3a like the DC port?

And would QC charging damage it?

Need to make sure I get the right wall adapter.

Ti Lu says:

I want to buy it just for the screen !

Momen Ashour says:

raised the price from around 560 to 612 Euros right after the release of Surface LAptop, shame for you. for 739 USD i would buy the Surface Pro 4 with its international Gurantie and trusted quality tests. its really disappointing !

Kakashi Hatake says:

Looks like a really affordable laptop.

Thanks for previewing the whole device since it’s so difficult to find a vendor or some solid specifications!

CrazyBlueTv says:

SATA 3 SSD is besides in synthetic benchmarks not really slower than M2. No backlit keyboard, relatively small battery or no SD card reader are much bigger cons.
Anyways can’t wait for your review!

Stan Visser says:

Cube Thinker i35 or Xiaomi mi air 13.3″ ???

Ti Lu says:

I can’t wait to see the full review in order to choose between Thinker and xiaomi mi air 12!

Lesnite Neko says:

OOO looks good for linux maybe!

Mitch says:

Considering picking this up, what USB Type C charger would work with this, can’t really find one locally that is 12v 3a.

Rui Coelho says:

this or xiaomi air 12??

Ti Lu says:

I’m waiting for your additional review with battery life first! I have to choose between thinker and mi air 12 !=)

Nader Qudimat says:

Wow this looks great Chris. I know the Xiaomi is your current main laptop. Do you see this taking over that position? 😀

jhy hv says:

xiaomi air 13.3 or this?

Alvin Alvero says:

Thanks for the nice review Chris. I’ve read this laptop have battery or keyboard issues. Did you experience the same issue with your unit? I think this is a best buy but a bit hesitant about its quality.

Juan Catazuera says:

5k mah battery …. , my Mi max has 4850 .

shay Dave says:

hii what’s the best surface alternative for 600$?

Lolek Bolek says:

What would be the actual use case of a stylus on this kind of laptop? You can only poke the screen, but drawing or note taking would be an awkward thing and your hand would get tired in a minute.

Salah Bennouioua says:

I love your vidéo

Eugene Mendoza says:

at 12:36, is it possible for the whole display panel to lie flat on the surface, (without the hint of damaging or putting pressure on the hinges & bezels on contact)

OR would i need some type of wedge to pull this off?

btw, im planning to use the pen for architectural sketching. will be using small rulers for tracing/drafting

based on the video, i think the pen would still be usable on
ROTATE + 175 degree flat w/ wedge to secure

or ROTATE + book style hold (not sure if that would be comfortable on that size though)

Daniel Huynh says:

No backlit keyboard is a deal breaker for a school laptop

El Guiñolo says:

There’s no fan, apparently, which makes this little beastie quite impressive at such a price.

Dr Peter jones says:

Ryzen, linux or unix ?

Susan Ramirez says:

Hey – Quick Question: Does this have 2 slots for SSD m.2 like the mi Air 12? Also how dim does the display get? Sometimes when it’s too bright, it hurts my eyes. Thanks!!!

Giovanni Rolli says:

an now let’s wait for it to explode

Neumonic Videos says:

too macbook to be a surface

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