ADEL Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock – New model

ADEL Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock – New model. Music by Kevin Macleod

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Y Khoa says:

Someone cut your fingers then…

someone says:

” I program my girlfriends ” lol

John doe says:

Is the door included as well?

Gunnar says:

ok having a key completely runes the fact that there is a finger scanner


+Matthew goh no.

Tim datoolman says:

I like that gadget, thanks for sharing.

MAtthew Goh says:

Is it waterproof

Alias Elysum says:

Back to the future was right

jhoan ortiz cepeda says:

thanks for the video!!! I have a question and it is how can I delete all the fingenprints that I have already on the lock? thanks before hands


Hi, I bought this fingerprint lock months ago, it worked verry well for 2 months but now doesn´t work anymore.  I have change the batteries but doesn´t work, Could you please let me know how can I reset the lock…? thank you…

michael giovengo says:

Junk plastic handle….. my 5 year old snapped it ……twice…..

Dobre Octavian says:

how much do the batteries last? 

Awsome Sauce says:

I’m going to ask again because I know someone is still alive to answer I’m thinking o of getting one, Do you still need the top connecting bar if your trying to put this on a bedroom door?

ETGaming says:

A couple of your girlfriends cant get in program their fingerprint

Ysengrimus says:

So you can remove handle and use a key if a battery dies off. Now there you go. That makes fingerprint pointless from robbers point of view. Best option would be if you could connect locker with the grid.

Alexander Stewart says:

how stupid, what happens when batteries die tho ?

I P says:

Does it automatically lock when you close the door. My kids are always forgetting to lock the door

Thiago Cavalcante says:

is it possible to delete (block access) a certain fingerprint? Let’s say I don’t want someone access the office anymore.

Meep says:

Can you flip the handles? I want this but the oreientation in the video won’t work with my door

Porti says:

where can i found an online manual?

Davie Crocket says:

The one part I actually needed, you did not cover.  How to program.  Thanks bro.

aboalmlk aboalrhman says:

Can i use outside

TheSneakerCow 1 says:

only 12 different possible codes??

Amy Lynn says:

Pretty cool 🙂 great job

Jordan Nelson says:

Omg so cool!

Jorge Jr Fosado Lopez says:

Hi, did you try to open the door lock using the physical key? i have the same adel ls9 model but it didn’t work. so if the internal mechanism fails, i’m basically screwed up

Glenn Mccreedy says:


AKBuilder762 says:

it’s a file.

Sanjay Pillai says:

“I programmed my girlfriendS” ….we got a badass over here 😛
xD anyway nice video though. 🙂

Bill c says:

Looking at the box, your fingerprint will be sent to China. Period

dennis hopkins says:

would this be strong enough to put on your front door so u dont have to worry about ya kid loosing there key

Tabbatha Rose says:

Hello it’s me

Austɪn F says:

is the body metal or plastic?


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Meir Efargan says:

Is it come with deadbolt lock or only latch ?

Jolly says:

Anyone notice he installed the lock crookedly? It’s tilted to the right. That would bother my to no end.

Christian Torres says:

Look WAY to easy to break in with a crow bar or a hammer… Top end is the most loose since there isn’t 2 screw like on the buttom…

Olexii Shulakov says:


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