Add a fingerprint reader to your PC: Kensington VeriMark USB Review – Windows Hello / Fido U2F

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Looking to add a fingerprint reader to your PC? Kensington’s plug and play USB dongle will get you going with their $49 360 degree reader. See more accessories: and subscribe!

01:11 – Pricing
01:33 – FIDO U2F Compatibility
01:50 – Windows Hello installation process
02:24 – Finger print unlocking demonstration
02:54 – Included password manager software
05:49 – Windows 7 and 8 Compatibility

If it was priced $10 lower it would be a better deal. I also do not suggest using the optional password manager software.

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SuperBigDog2U says:

I use Dashlane for a password manager, and on a mobile device that has the fingerprint scanner, I can set my Dashlane after initial login, to afterwards ask for my scanned fingerprint instead of the master password every time. Do you use your password manager on your pc in your browser and if so does it support fingerprint scanning instead of asking for a master password to access logins on it? If so maybe this is an alternative way to use that reader more securely on a pc.

The Jakster says:

I have a request , can you do a comparison between the nuvision windows tablet and the amazon fire 7 inch ? To see which one is worth buying.

respibob says:

I use Roboform and it has trouble like that with websites that have the user name and password areas on different screens.

MRrwmac says:

Thanks for bringing this device to our attention. I like where this system is going but, as you said it’s not quite there yet. Good point regarding the password manager as it’s not very functional if it doesn’t manage. Since you yourself do have a manager, do you print out the list of ids and passwords that you generate (and change) just in case the manager goes out?

PKTV says:

Apple has stream lined this for all there devices and macs pretty much you can use your fingerprint for everything including websites and apple pay. o thats right windows doesn’t have a payment service like everyone else whoops …

Alejandro Villarreal says:

Is it usb c?

FlowUrbanFlow says:

Living in Philly makes me always think of Kensington as a bad thing.

codemancjackson says:

Need one for my pc


I remember buying my first fingerprint reader from Compaq back in 2000 or 2001. I bet you don’t have one of those. It’s fairly easy these days to lift a fingerprint and then use a 3D printer to make a finger. Though it would be easier just to chop off finger, just kidding.

Bill Denbigh says:

Hey Lon, does this work with LastPass?

Fahmi Farid says:

Love your reviews. Quick no fuss. Full of details.

Enrique Chacon says:

Lon, you activated my Google Assistant numerous times in this video. Strange lol

PKTV says:

does this work with RDP? logging into multiple servers with this thing would be awesome i never have to remember any of the passwords or look them up. i can open even thing with my fingerprint

Dominic Cellini says:

Seems like a nice sensor, but I wonder what would happen if somebody unplugged it and plugged it into a different computer.

kikkurd says:

He Lon, it would be great if you’d mention Linux compatibility with these kind of devices too. Maybe not that in depth as you do for Windows. but just a quick test. Boot up Ubuntu, plug it in and see if it’s working.

flukom says:

Thumb up for the finger print reader

Cody McBrody says:

Storing fingerprints on a PC seems like a bad idea. I think a better approach is for the fingerprint reader to store it securely with its only inputs being your fingerprint to store or verify, or reset to clear, and its outputs to be valid/invalid, and a keyed hash of your fingerprint.

Jason Matthews says:

Definitely looking into this product, great information like always . Thanks for sharing very useful..

pokeguy4 says:

$50!!!!!!!! just do a general search instead i got mine for €35 on amazon

Wayne says:

I prefer a Iris scanner

Jeong-hun Sin says:

If i were a thief, I would steal that sensor .

GabakUSA Free computer training says:

will it work for Mac?

Jayson Bossuet says:

This why I’m subscribed to this channel finding cool tech like this

bbgarnett says:

Keep up the great work. Also I wonder if this would work via a USB OTG cable or something along those lines to add a fingerprint sensor to a phone that didn’t have one? Probably not really needed and would be more of an annoyance as most phones have them anyways and to have this hanging from your phone would get annoying but just a thought I had.

Tom5tom Entertainment says:

I can’t decide if it’s supposed to be an ease of use device or a security device. If it’s ease of use, it seems alright. If it’s security for the PC, you can just take the HDD out if it’s not encrypted.

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