You Can Make Your Wired Headphones Wireless…

The various adapters listed below allow you to turn your wired headphones into wireless headphones. These adapters work with Audio Technica, Bose, Beats Audio and the AirLink is a universal solution capable of adapting any 3.5mm headphone to bluetooth.

ATH M50X Adapter (USA Link) –
ATH M50X Adapter (International) –

Bose Airmod Adapter (USA Link) –
Bose Airmod Adapter (International) –

Exo Audio for Beats headphones –

AirLink Universal Adapter –

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Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

Does this work with m40x?

Mauricio Roldan says:

aesthetically it could imrove some

WittyBaguette says:

I remember when this channel never had clickbait

Nicholas Arnold says:

didn’t mention anything about the battery life..

Eduardo Marias says:

Could you try (skullcandy crusher wirless)?

Mark B says:

Mhmm….Not on Canadian amazon….

Nobuo says:

would this work for the m40x because i think to the headphones it is a 2.5mm jack to the headphone but to another device is 3.5mm
Can someone confirm?

Gabriele Di Flavio says:

Looks like he has a sticker o something like that on his headphones… I remember AT50X are totally black… Someone knows if exist something like stickers to change color of sennheiser’s headphones logo (sennheiser hd598cs)?! His headphones looks gorgeous!

Siti Natasha says:

Will this thing work for m40x??????????????????????????????

Daniel Aleksovski says:

Lew this is amazing!! That is why i am stuck to your channel in the last few days. I own these babies and this is really something that i am looking forward to purchase. Thumbs up.

Tony Marichal says:

Lou….you da man…..this product rocks…..item just arrived and works amazingly well and so easy to pair and use….thanks mate

Rea Per says:

I just cant figure out why would M50x have 2,5mm port. For me, it doesn´t make sense.

voxer16333 says:

I like what you’re doing with your videos, but I have a greater respect for you because you actually know and listen to El-P

lurk city says:

Thought it was clickbait when he starts talking about the m50x but then he lists others. First time reverse clickbait ftw boi.

It's yo boi gamesky1234 says:

Dont yoy hate when people like thier own commant

David says:

what is the song Lewis played on the head phones?

Cameron Beadnell says:

Do a video on the Moto z

Unbox Therapy says:

See what happens when I play the original Super Mario Kart –

CMH Reviews says:

You already did this video….

Arian Kukaj says:

Where do u get your hats??? I love em.

andrew mitchell says:

BAL m50x have a mic in them?

radanju3 says:

Wireless adapter for my M50x headphones!?? :O Shut up and take my money!

Aavishkar d says:

Which should i pick btw sony mdr xb450ap and motorola pulse escape

Energy says:

Can you please make a wireless gaming headset video. Mainly the steel series wireless headphones. artic 7 and the 800

Hologan says:

Where can i buy this Adapter, only on Amazon?

Michael Galluzzo says:

I cant find anything like this for the oppo pm3 headphones. please help. I do have access to a 3D printer if need be. o don’t like the look of the corded one.

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