WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS??? – Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adapter Review (PS4)

Why, why in the world did Sony take such an easy product idea and screw it up like this? The Sony official Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter for Windows and Mac is a complete waste of money for most people.

x360ce: http://www.x360ce.com/
InputMapper: https://inputmapper.com/

Product links:
Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor
– USA: http://amzn.to/2f9eH2H
– UK: http://amzn.to/2f9hx7C
– CA: http://amzn.to/2g3jzpi

Basic Bluetooth Adapter
– USA: http://amzn.to/2glw1Db
– UK: http://amzn.to/2f9pARZ
– CA: http://amzn.to/2g3mNsM

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC: http://geni.us/premierepro

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adeep187 says:

Thanks buddy this is EXACTLY what I was wondering about.

Warem says:

Hey dude, i have a question,¿Can i connect multiples DS4 at same time?

joeyroberts22 says:

USE DS4 tool you can do anything remap, you name it. it appear to pc as xbox controller and the touchpad is a mouse

donhkzjeronc says:

Wow nice video there, i almost buy that thing, thanks!.
Btw do I need bluetooth 4.0 or enough with bluetooth 2.0 to use dualshock4 with DS4 1.2.2?

ItsXodie says:

I bought this and a controller just today. It works fine and it did install a driver. So for me it worked amazingly as an example mortal kombat xl worked amazing. It felt so good using a controller to beat the crap out of people like my old times on consoles.

Nmms Agustin says:

Is it just me or does this guy’s voice sounds exactly like Minnesota Burns?

Jacks Furions says:

i was using a bt4 to play with ds4 but i fund that with the original adapter some games show playstation button icons so i guy one of those adaptors just to play with ds4 buttons icons in games (: i am happy with it

Maidur Rashid says:

how did you get audio from headset port of ds4 in inputmapper via normal bluetooth? I have tried everything!

Mao Desus says:

With turn off control? It is common to do several things at the same time, for example, a customer calls, pauses the game, but the control stays on consuming battery. when I come back it was almost 10% of it.

domo bear says:

the adapter is not meant for playing games on steam, sony made this for using remote play on your laptop, since you have to connect controller by using a micro usb wire. So why would you use it for playing games on steam?

Wa͟l̀ho͞r says:

Anyone know a good USB adapter for PC? I want one for rocket league with as low input lag as possible

Tirion says:

this USB is not working . sony is fucking swindler

adrian sheridan says:

around 5.30 he says something about using the headphone jack in the ds4 through InputMapper then he mentiond the dongle..so can you pass the audio from the pc through the ds4 using InputMapper? or not? or you need the Sony wireless dongle thing for that?

Xedhadeaus says:

Doesn’t the xbox one dongle allow 4 users, and two users if audio, and one if keyboard? I don’t get it. I have two elite controllers connected.

Will Bly says:

I use mine to play CS:GO and CoD WAW among many other competitive shooters and I am sure that this will work with steams layout that makes your controller work with any game, same as it does via Bluetooth no input mapper. Input mapper makes it easier to play games with native xbox support, but that’s because it is emulated as a steam controller in those games but works nonetheless. But I don’t have a mic for my PC, and this has built in drivers for it you cannot get otherwise. All I can imagine doing is pwning noobs with a PS4 controller with its native mic like anyone can do with a 360 controller…inputmapper doesn’t give it mic support.

Mlow44 says:

I’d have been pretty upset about this thing if I paid full price for it, but grabbed it for $8 at Best Buy a couple months back for Remote Play with my new PS4 and have been generally happy with it. There are some problematic idiosyncrasies about the device, especially since I use it in conjunction with DS4Windows, but I can deal.

Abdulmohsen Alharbi says:

the best review i saw for this adapter

Amit Marcovich says:

Hey , does the controllers work wirelessly perfect on pes 17 without bugs , lags and delay? With the addapter

Justin Burris says:

where did you get the purple knife?

Muzammil Arshad says:

does it work with all controller compatible games on steam?

Jason Abramz says:

just buy an xbx controller for pc helps out alot. Sony shouldve made driver support. when plugging in my ps4 controller my pc sees it as an audio device then you have to disable it. Then when using a usb wireless headset with the controller the computer gets confused between the 2 devices.

Mihai Bucur says:

InputMapper and x360ce work on Windows 7 x64?

robocop says:

icant pair with my ds4 why?
but detected my controller but failed to piring

DKViking YT says:

Thank you! 🙂

Anthony Rivera says:

Can I use this for my PS4? I have problems with controller lag & I was thinking this would fix the problem. If anyone could answer, thank you!


this adaptor is very good cos it was strictly designed to see only  dualshocks

AAT Eessa says:

I thought i will play all games but no

RetroGamer75 says:

It SHIT! It didn’t even work on Steam until BT version connected ! But still having problem with mapping with touchpad with steam trying play Dark Force! Even Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat XL won’t see d-pad! I hate using Xbox 360 controller analog stick is wrong place! It should be left d-pad not left analog stick! I only play retro games like Wolf3D and Duke Nukem and Doom ! Newer game has a lot of talking some of them dont have SUBTITLES! So avoid them! Mostly racing game and Retro game with text in them

Joey Harris says:

you cant use a ps4 controller to every bluetooth computer. they dont connect that well to bluetooth, so the dongle is good for those system. they actually connect well to mac


I think it was designed to connect controller to Smart TV cos they have PlayStation app there.

Oleie says:

I use my PS4 controller to play FFXIV and I had no issues with this connector. Actually it was the best thing they create it since I move always tryed to install and didn’t work out it was always something not official with a lots of bugs.
I agree that maybe for other games you need more customizations options but depending the player noob on pc like me it was easy to use this adapter.

cat luva says:

PS now works fine on the computer if you have decent internet.

Hishaam Patel says:

this adapter is an absolute waste…my cheap bluetooth dongle…generic…only has an input lag of 1millisecond…while this fancy thing is a steady 8 milliseconds…which is poor!…i cannot believe a generic dongle outperforms a genuine dongle…don’t buy this honestly…

Seathasky says:

I know this video is old but it’s almost like you did no research on DS4 software. http://ds4windows.com/ This review is pretty bad

Barbara Hampton says:

thanks now i dont need geeksquad taking my money.

geelad45 says:

That a serious knife for opening a box haha

Wip3ou7 says:

I have the new ps4 slim controllers and they wont pair with my bluetooth dongle :

Sam Kaxe says:

i dont knoqw why when i connect my remote controller the voise goes to the controller

BenJi Whoever says:

When I was ordering this, I never thought about how much controllers could be paired, cuz…I have a cheap 10+ years old Xbox 360 wireless adaptor from amazon that is so broken, it is missing it’s top shell and it’s parts are exposed…AND…it still works, and you can pair up to 4 controllers…and it costs just 12$. And I ordered this Sony b***s*** without reading cuz I though 10+ years from now…things will be much better. Guess not. I will refund mine and buy the Bluetooth version since I only need the controller for PC games and emulators.

MemeLord69 says:

use ds4windows its a great windows program to use ds4 controllers as a xinput controller i use it for games

Top Gaming Tip says:


Mirroez says:

I just bought mine recently and I was successfully able to play it on steam! haven’t tried it on origin or on any other platform yet.

Jeffrey Librebowski says:

The DS4 controller works perfect Bluetooth on Linux & OSX with only a standard USB Bluetooth dongle. No need to buy this at all, works out the box

Pyro 1997 says:

This adapter is a waste of money.

Trevor allin says:

it allows you to use head phone jack on PS4 controller with DS4 windows

Alain Manzo says:

Thank you for your honesty I almost bought this.

Dani S says:

what if I have a dualshock4 and I played with it on a ps4 and now I want to sell my ps4 but want to keep my dualshock4 to connect it with the pc???? Is the Adapter helpful for this? Help

Codemastersk says:

The biggest problem of using this program is that it uses a very outdated and unstable driver. Some people have it work fine, but with me, it was BSODing the system, making boot time EXTREMELY slow…. Sony could easily release a simple driver, but they want to sell this stupid adapter… And yes, Microsoft is not very fond of making it work with xinput, but they could make Remote Play work the same way without an adapter.

For me, these converters of xinput to other devices work fine, it is just this driver trying to do all in one thing that make my system crash. I gave up and bought a 360 controller with its adapter (it is not so stupid because 360 controllers are RF, not bluetooth).

And although it has another programs trying to do the same thing, they all use the same driver, just changing the interface. I tried all of them and I had the same results.

RonPanda BBMusic says:

onyl good reason to have it is if you wanna ute it on os3 and you dotn wanna sit with 12 feet cable 😛

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