Use an Xbox / PS4 Controller on Nintendo Switch | 8Bitdo USB Wireless Adapter

Sorcery! But real.

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j00st00s says:

Went to get it, Doesn’t ship to Australia ):(

Zhalo Simulant says:

Why did they use the most horrendous photo for the thumbnail like is he ok?

Izzu _ says:

I just purchased this adapter and hopefully it works for me. I own an Xbox One Controller and a Duelshock 4 controller. I bought a Switch Pro Contoller and it’s amazing but I can’t bring myself to buy another one for $80. I know there are cheap wired ones for like $25 but I want a wireless connection and not to mention the adapter is cheaper. I need a second controller (other than the awful Joycon grip) for playing multiplayer games with friends so hopefully this solves my problem. Thanks for introducing me to this product!

Michael Puchades says:

Can I sync multiple controllers? If so how many?

HamayaNinja says:

how many controllers can you connect to one usb 8bitdo?

Lionel Goodrich says:

the pro controller, in my opinion, is the best controller on the market.

Nope says:

Pretty sure I joined yer discord, posted a image of taking a selfie in front of the twin towers then got Insta banned. Anyway, good video, definitely gonna get one for botw/smash.

667GameFreak says:

I wonder if there’s a difference between this and the Magic NS adapter.

Brandon Jeffi says:

Is it one adapter gets you one additional controller? If I wanted to use two Dualshocks would I need two adapters?

AreaGames says:

Wow nice

Jorge Rivas Solis says:

How many connected devices supports?

La Fisch says:

Press X.

Jesus A. Sanchez Rolon says:

Why don’t you make a video playing a game (any) with your feet?

Retro Key says:

Can’t buy outside of US even if I’m in Canada…


Epix. says:

nice thumbnail

SimonAndKeithStudios says:

Get a magic gate USB which can connect all Bluetooth controls to a Switch, PS4, Xbox one and PC

Link Kakariko says:

Can I use multiple controllers for multiplayer? For example:Two Joycons in the grip, a Pro Controller, and two WiiMotes?

Yu Narukami says:

So do you need one of those USB (8BitDo) for each controller you want to hook up? Or can you just have one and have multiple controllers from other system hooked up playing with just one of those (8BitDo) USB?

GameSect says:

@Radman19 Erm well I wouldn’t get it directlyt from there anyway.

I Jassel says:

will it work with a wiimote with an arcade fightingstick plugged in?

pixels says:

I have that same controller. I use it on PC with an official adapter, like that, but black, and the RB button only works in some cases. Really annoying 😛
Nice video though.

Dynamom says:

Alex’s videos are getting weirder and weirder by the day,,

Is he okay?

TimmySchoolBoy says:

are you okay there buddy cause the magic ns has came out before that

Hector Hernandez says:

So if I purchase a USB hub and multiple wireless adapters, will I be able to pair multiple PS4/XB1S controllers as separate players?

Fuzunga says:

Any difference between this and the Mayflash NS Magic that I already own?

Chrona Trigger says:

It’s a bit of a random thing here, but here’s a review that I read and thought was absolutely hilarious (because of how bad it was)

Reggie Fils-aime says:

Oh Nintendo Life we gave you a deal; Nintendo content only or your soul. You must have Nintendo. For all eternity

Ib Hauptmann says:

There are sadly no motion controls in an Xbox controller. If you like motion controls it’s better turn use a Playstation controller.

Brodbrody says:

Truly some strange hybrid.

Captain Raz says:

Can it be through one simple usb cable?

darkstorm0421 says:

So if I connect one of those adapters to use my wii u pro controller on my switch, can I also use a standard Switch Pro controller wirelessly along my Wii U pro controller ?

Zaxtur says:

Christ, he still says “8bit-DOO.” It’s 8bit-DOUGH, dude. It sounds like “Nintendo.” The cleverness of the name is going right over your head.

mathiasmorqubus says:

I use a similar adapter for the PS4 controller and dominate in SF anniversary.

trumpeter811 says:

Or you can buy a off brand switch controller on amazon for 30. There’s plenty that are wireless , have rumble, and even motion controls

Yahir San says:

How would analog triggers work if you used a DualShock 4

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