USB Bluetooth Dongle Review

Review of the usb Bluetooth Dongle

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1carrotcake says:

I don’t have the same Dongle. But I bought a cheap $3 (CSR 4.0) bluetooth dongle from eBay and it DOES NOT WORK. I’m using windows 7. If you look at the device properties a lot of values are “unknown” (i.e. Manufacturer). But basically it’s missing the necessary bluetooth services to run any bluetooth devices (i.e. headset and speakers). I learned my lesson but I got my money back. You will be able to see the Dongle device in control panel and you CAN pair the bluetooth devices properly no problem, BUT IT WILL NOT WORK. I bet hundreds of people bought these cheap dongles off eBay but I’m surprised I can’t seem to find anything on google that people are having problems with these knock off bluetooth dongles. Maybe it’s just me, but I tossed mine. I’m using this for my old gaming pc anyway, once I get a new Rig I don’t need to use these stupid Dongles anymore. But guys, buy from somewhere that iit’s “PROVEN” to work if you need to use a bluetooth Dongle. Hm…maybe it’s just me, at the end of this video I thought I saw something like “drivers not installed properly..” hm…

Alan Thomas says:


kmayberry5263 says:

the real test= laptop+ xbox360 graphic pc game+ ps3 controllerxbox 360 controller

Christianjr35X says:

so does the dongle work?!

Dayle Curtis says:

its a £1 signalex bluetooth usb dongle and as shown in the last 2 seconds the little pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen showed, the pairing didn’t work. As with all my attempts with this thing, it finds it but comes with no drivers to actually work with them so pretty useless.

Toni M says:

Does the bluetooth dongle work for all bluetooth devices? or can you use it for bluetooth keyboards and mice as well? 

Will Russell says:

Hmmn, mine just refused to work, and was very hot when removed (within a minute or so of being plugged in), the pervading smell of burning plastic was also slightly worrying.

Dubs says:

I get code 43 when plugging it into Windows 10.

Rifai Annur says:

your device driver software was not successfully installed

G SAU says:

‘Chcck’ out your first video? ‘Insten’ battery pack? Maybe chcck spelling before saving.

Pooh Bear says:

Range is only 10ft that sucks.

Franky Paul says:

It didn’t work . Driver didn’t install correctly.

Christina Shongo says:

to the people saying that it did not work because there was an error about the driver not installing properly, the system immediately halts searching for a driver as soon as a device is disconnected from the usb port. that does not mean that it did not work, it just means that at the end of the video he pulled the dongle out before windows reinstalled the driver for it for that particular port that he had it plugged into.

Jay Howells says:

I’m so happy I’ve found a Ave for my deep deep frustration..This useless DONGLE has taken up atleast……WAIT FOR IT…18 HRS of my girlfriends life trying to connect it from a p.c to her stereo.This is why I find myself on a dongle review page, at 2am on a cold Tuesdays night..But I’m glad to see she is not the only one. To maplins I feel it’s your duty as a responsible electrical outlet to start a dongle rehabilitation centre. For all the poor people who have,or will end up broken like my girlfriend. Who,by the way still has not connected it to anything…!!!!!

Kostas K says:

While it does work, and even if Windows Update doesn’t find the drivers 5 secs of Googling does I think it’s important to mention that it has an ancient CSR chipset which does not actually support EDR. Any devices that want to make use of EDR are simply incompatible. Therefore strictly speaking it can’t claim to meet the Bluetooth 2 criteria.

Ken says:

I’m looking for something like this to use on skype with the cell phone earbud I use. I want to use my bluetooth earbud
on my laptop with skype. My laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth. What works?

Thomas King says:

You don’t know the name of this thing, but you think you can do a review? Wow.

crankyboiy says:

Trying to make it to work. I cant find it on my device manager dammit wasted 4$

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