THIS BOX JUST CHANGED OUR HOBBY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Speedybee usb adapter review

Never get stuck in the field with no laptop or betaflight gui again. and works with every single drone WITHOUT the need for ANY mods or need to solder up to spare uarts etc. SpeedyBee usb adaptor link –

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Goggles – Aomway commanders –
Radio – Taranis QX7 –
Props – cyclones 5046C –
Charger – SkyRC Q200 –
Race gates and flags –
Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Sjoer van der Ploeg says:

It doesn’t feed the FC 5v from USB?

Jamie Blem says:

Nice product but not a game changer. I use ezgui app for the same things and more. Ezgui talks to my FC’s running betaflight and inav. When using inav, the ezgui turns your phone into a GPS, full 2 way telemetry groundstation(upgrade from free app needed for these features) but for betaflight use, free app covers it. All u need is the otg cable $3 to connect phone to FC using usb to micro usb adapter. Or can connect via Bluetooth or LAN

Carpenter Rick says:

I NEED THIS!!!!! Great tech!!!! Cheers

btbplanevids says:

Cute, but I can already adjust the most common things (including VTx power and frequency) for free from my Taranis, using the Betaflight LUA script.

Michael Matthews says:

Bangood has them for 20 USD. This is great!!

legion2k says:

A cold.. it’s summer.. silly.. (just kidding.. I understand how the seasons work in the southern hemisphere. )

Trump FPV says:

Does it work with KISS?

Lost_ FPV says:

Isn’t it much easier and cheaper to use just an USB OTG cable?

Ghost Rider says:

Your killing me smalls!
What’s in the box??! Lol

Curtis Bangert says:

The only problem — this is *not* maintained by the betaflight team, so it is *very likely* that it will not be able to keep up with the features and updates to the betaflight firmware. It is also not supported by betaflight, because it is not open source and the we cannot assist in maintaining it and keeping it current.. nor can we assist in troubleshooting issues you are having with its communication with the flight controller and how it interfaces with the eeprom. Use with caution and understand that you have to wait on someone else to update the application to keep it in sync with the newest features in betaflight.

Sean Mondragon says:

how’s it going,this is probably a stupid question but where do I get beta flight on my computer

Danilo Selno says:

Did he just show to us his phone pin ? U may switch that now 🙂

EnglishTurbines says:

On the Go cable…?….For normal people who were not daft enough to overpay on a hyped up Apple product? My Samsung phone has a killer Camera in it too….lol.
Sorry about your cold Stu….how do you do that in sweaty California..?

fx node says:

bluetooth module uart/usb gnd rx tx v?

DatGuyWitDaThing says:

Will this work with older versions of betaflight? I have two quads that fly great on 3.1.7

David Huber says:

You’re such a tease!

blackmav5 says:

The only reason I watched to the end was to see if you deserved your first down vote! So far you’ve been teaching well with an open mind. But not mentioning that you can use OTG with capable phones is just terrible. Now people who don’t know any better go out and buy this adapter even though they don’t need it. I’m disappointed in this have assed advice, especially as patreon.

Juergen Stremmler says:

A simple micro USB to micro USB cable from your cell phone to your quad will do the same job……..

John Moore says:

Can you upgrade BF versions so you can get away without computer

Mohd Razali says:

Can this speedybee save Dump file to sd card

Cristian Barilari says:

Useless!!! OTG cable FTW!!!

David Robinson says:

To those saying to use an OTG cable – not everyone uses an Android device. I use an iPad Mini (SpeedyBee looks much better than a phone due to the screen size). Besides, I don’t want Google vacuuming up data on my drone usage.

I still prefer the original SpeedyBee, even though you have to wire it up to a UART. I land my drone, disarm and connect. Make adjustments, arm (which automatically disconnects the SpeedyBee) and start flying. Can’t get much easier than that. Don’t have to plug this dongle in (and also a spare battery). Although I’ll still get one of these for my micro drones where space (and spare UARTs) are at a premium.

Cpt Crunch says:

Nice blade! Is that to ward off the dingo’s?

TakeItToTheGround says:

Speedybee says it supports INAV but support is minimal – cli, osd, & waypoints/missions. Shame as in my experience betaflight works okay with stock pids, so tuning in the field is not usually urgent just handy. While inav needs lots of tuning as stock pids/pifs are usually un-flyable. BTW: OTG cable is the go.

ridesoftail says:

CLI commands in Inav? I don’t think so. You can change a lot with just osd already

Rick James says:

Love the work stew keep it up!

gonebdg says:

What is the pros … wireless?
Cable is better than wireless

Jeff guevara says:

Def love this Speedy bee and will be getting one once they are available! Thanks for the awesome videos as well

Brain Injury says:

Stew you don’t cherish your phone like you do your drones it appears. lol


This is great to connect through Bluetooth but I’ve been using this Speedy bee app for about a month now out in the field with my phone just using a regular USB cable and I have a little adapter that goes from USB to plug that fits into my Android phone that’s how I do that it’s actually a little simpler than this cuz I don’t have to plug in the battery and what not but this is still pretty cool I love this Speedy bee app my buddy showed it to me and I haven’t looked back since….
But stu if you’re giving any of those things away right here drop one right here keep up the good work

Scooter Pie says:

$20 bucks too! All righty

Lee Berry says:

what type of USB plug does it use ? Micro ?

Le_david_fpv says:

That tease at the end though…. lol

Heiple2007 says:

Excellent! Appreciate you bringing this to us, thanks. Jeff (speed quad in the box! My guess from the bi-props)

LAS says:

What is in the box?

numan fpv says:

Giiiveee me one pls omg i need one im 16 ive spend 300 euros now so im out of money and my drone will never link up to ny pc for betaflight this will work tho

kawi kawi says:

living the dream opening drone part packages every day

Vlad Nistor says:

On Android you don’t need it. You can connect via USB directly to the phone and the app.
Though the app does not always save correctly.

Dennis Fpv says:

If this comes out for raceflight I’ll be sooo happy, just ditched my old laptop for a desktop so tuning is always annoying

Cid156 says:

I use an otg cable at 1$

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