Targus Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Adapter Review

Get on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/20dezC2
or Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1Q4gm1o

In this ZeamTech reviews the Targus Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Adapter. Overall the product is really great and works really well if you require bluetooth on an older laptop or desktop computer. This product also works well on Windows and Mac. One of the best bluetooth adapters for Hackintosh users.


Rob M says:

Is this “micro USB” ????

ZeamTech says:


Ludi Spíndola says:

The apple keyboard will work on a Hackintosh with this adapter? 

Lee Murdock says:

Surprised no one’s asked yet, so here goes: How were you able to use this product (Targus 4.0 Bluetooth Adapter) with a Mac? I’m unable to use one with my ’07 mac pro 1,1

Rooty_Tooty says:

That outro music is sick! haha

ZeamTech says:

I don’t think this will work as you will require the right drivers for the Bluetooth adapter to work correctly.

Rolf Dieter Buckmann says:

Big sh..t!!! It doesn´t work on windows 10!

ZeamTech says:

If the stereo is bluetooth then yes it will work!

James Rosenbaum says:

This does not work on Windows 10. Any update for this product. It is useless unless there is a fix and I spent my money for nothing.

JerzeYxKinG says:

How do i make it scan to find my bluetooth stereo it doesnt let me

CAGRN1 says:

I upgraded from windows 7 to 10 and the device still worked. I have since restored my computer back to manufacture settings (windows10) and the device is no longer compatible. Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the driver update.

missploof says:

Will this work to connect tv’s and Bluethooth headphones?

King J says:

Worksmit with a stereo system

King J says:

Yeah but my stereo is not bluetooth but it has usb and my question is as i plug this usb in is my stereo than bluetooth

asheenlevrai says:

Hi, The description states: “This product also works well on Windows and Mac. One of the best bluetooth adapters for Hackintosh users”, right?
How does one have this thing to work on a mac? Please help!

K Five says:

No one has asked what his accent is? Wow.

Daniel San says:

can we connect multiple bluetooth devices with that, at the same time, like a mouse and keyboard?

Tim Worley says:

whats the range on it? im trying to use my xbox controllers bluetooth, but my onboard bluetooth wont reach the 5 or so metres (couch gaming)

Redhusky Gaming says:

is this for wigi

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