Review: Outdoor Tech ADAPT, Bluetooth Adapter, OT-Adapt To Make Headphones Wireless OT-ADAPT. The Outdoor Tech ADAPT is a cool little device that wirelessly connects headphones and stereos to Bluetooth-enabled devices. In addition to standard controls like skip, play, pause and volume – the ADAPT also has a mic so you can make and receive calls, all without pulling your phone out of your pocket.

The OT-ADAPT is a simple and cool little gadget that can make your headphones, speakers or stereo wirelessly work with any bluetooth enabled device.

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Simone Gugliandolo says:

bluetooth 4.0 or previous version?

Ken Cheng says:

What happens if you’re earbuds already have a microphone (for phone calls)?

Ken Cheng says:

What happens if you’re earbuds already have a microphone (for phone calls)?

Jane Smith says:

Did you have any trouble pairing it? My iphone won’t recognize it.  When I turn it on, it blinks blue first and then red continually, so from your video, I assume it should be waiting until paired before turning blue.

Jonathan Vazquez says:

can i use earbuds with these???and can you listen to pandora from your phone

Error8766 says:

does this power the earbuds also or do you need to have audio device to have its own power?

keanini says:

just ordered it, excited to see how it performs! thanks for the review

Tobi Lang says:


AstroFizzix says:

I bought one of these at the end of September. Still waiting for them to send me a usb charging cable almost a month later.

Laura Rosich says:

is it waterproof

Jeffrey Obney says:

Can it charge and play audio at the same time? 

Stellar Buckets says:

I love,your vids very helpful

Stephen Phelan says:

Audio quality? Some headphones suggest using a pocket amplifier. Will this be enough to support them?

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Hi, thanks for the comment. It does seem plenty loud. There is a volume control on the ADAPT and you can get it very loud, much louder than I would need.

clebervic says:

This costs double what the griffin brand one and its exactly the same thing.

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Feels pretty solid. We have used it for a few months without any problems. Thanks for watching.

DrPeaze says:

What is the quality like?

Daniel Nault says:

I got the Pro beats headphones and a bluthooth tv. but the tv dont have headphones jack. Can i use this thing to watch tv with my headphones via my bluthooth tv ?

The Quiett says:

Can you hook this up to TV Audio

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Thanks! And thanks for taking the time to watch!

violinfreak97 says:

How loud is the adapt? Is it as loud as if you plugged headphones into your phone?

Daniel Pimentel says:

your nose tho.


should have been playing whistling in the dark. ..

Nils Klemptner says:

Is the sound still the same

Sean Barnett says:

Can u control your music from the device and your phone at the same time cause I want to use it to make some speakers wireless but if I’m sitting across the room can I change the song playing through my phone instead of using the adapter

the boss gamer 123 says:

We will need this for the iPhone 7

Arun Narain says:

can it pair with any bluetooth transmitter? 

kntwing says:

i see that u plug the headphone cable into that device?
i have many headphones that not wireless how does that works?

David Ruiz says:

as long as it has an aux jack and auxilliary cable, yeah basically

Jai Paul says:

Anyone know if there’s anyway i’d be able to use this with my TV? My TV doesn’t have bluetooth, but would there be something i could buy to make it bluetooth like a dongle or something? If not, anyone know if there’s something like that i could buy?

Rayanito Rayann says:

Could you use it for gaming?

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