Review: Nulaxy™ Bluetooth Adapter Convert Universal USB Keyboard & Mouse

You can find it on Amazon here:


Burak Can says:

Can converter play music?

Viva a Realidade says:

PLEASE.. which SITE CAN I BUY THIS ADAPTER? Amazon no sell more. I already searched in several places but I did not find.. Can someone help me?

Dave Seguin says:

This showed nothing at all in regard to using a mouse, and the last video i watched was the same. This is the predicating factor for me in purchasing this device, and there were many negative reports regarding mouse issues on Amazon. Did you actually try this with a mouse?

Giovanni Panozzo says:

Can it work with mouse and keyboard at the same time ? Or do I need to buy two of them to use mouse and keyboard together ?

Mert Akca says:

where can we buy it pls help

Nick Walker says:

Does it work with an apple tablet like the iPad Pro?

Gökberk CAN says:

Can it be used with a wireless keyboard/mouse set?

Wm Cannan says:

Where can I get one of these? Amazon shows unavailable

something creative says:

what is a price of it

Dominic Chenier says:

Does it work with a USB thumb drive?

Srikishan shanmuga sundaram says:

does this support for usb headset plz answers.

FrameEnder says:

will this work with Headsets tbh I can’t find a USB to Bluetooth converter used for USB headsets :/

gagan deep says:

Great video. I have one question I lost my dongle for Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. So can this detect that keyboard and mouse.

Jonathan Leung says:

How many USB devices can you plug in (1 or 2). I.e. can I plug my mouse & my keyboard in?

Radio Rose & Funke says:

Mine arrived today by

BrotherVan says:

I got one of these. Don’t use it with a mechanical keyboard. The power draw on a mechanical keyboard is too great for 2 AAA batteries. It was also two much of a drag on the circuit with the wall adapter. For the 30 seconds I was able to get it to work, it did what it was supposed to do. For this adpter to work for higher current USB devices, you’ll need to create a split USB cable and run only the signal (D+ and D-) to the Nulaxy. The power (+ 5V) and the ground (GND) wires will have to be attach to a power source that can handle the load.

Anthony Moore says:

for those asking if it will work with headsets and flash drives, i would imagine it does not by default as it is setup as a Human Interface Device bluetooth adapter, however you might be able to flash it to work however you would need to choice either or, as you wont be able to use a flash drive and keyboard only a flash drive or a keyboard depending on the firmware flash you used, also note some modification would likely be required to flash it and it would likely void any warranty the device carried

Apple O says:

This has been unavailable on Amazon… Does anyone know who still sells this, or if it’s even being made anymore? Are there other manufacturers making these? Or if not, has anyone published a good instructable on how to make one with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

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