Review & How-To: Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter for Audio Devices

Hey guys! This is a review of the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth Audio Devices available here:

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Review & How-To: Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter for Audio Devices
Review & How-To: Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter for Audio Devices
Review & How-To: Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter for Audio Devices
Review & How-To: Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter for Audio Devices


Maria Lucia Jørgensen says:

OMG! this helped me so freaking much! thank you!!!

MrVidposter101 says:

Using 3.5 mm or red/white RCA cables makes absolutely no difference. They are literally identical cables except for the connectors on the end.

sue hall says:

so if i got this and connected it to my dvd surround system i can bluetooth my music through it from my iphone??

Brutal Gamez says:


amy kemsky says:

How do you set up two separate speakers across the room from each other. Seems phone will only play one at a time.  How do you pair up two adapters at the same time.  Nowhere to adjust frequencies to same level on these sealed units.  Help!

Kal Ali says:

hello, can i connect the device to my Bluetooth head set japra halo 2 , so i can listen to the TV ??? 

fantom58 says:

I’ve got it. Works fine with an iPad retina and adapter plugged into back of a Yamaha home theater receiver.

Joe Reed says:

Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver F8Z492-P

weefween says:

Can i connect this to a Macbook pro with bluetooth?

Paul Woods says:

It would be nice to know the range of this product better than ‘an estimated 30ft’. Is it line-of-sight only, does it work through walls, etc., etc.

piwex69 says:

Have any one of you noticed while using this product, that output level towards the stereo is lower than standard -10dBV? In my case, I need to always pump the volume of the stereo set up by at least 10dB to hear the sound from EXT input, which is connected to Logitech BT adapter. All other sources (cd, phono, tuner) keep the standard level, so to turn back to them, I need to remember to mute the volume. This is the only awkward thing I can blame this otherwise superior product of…

Peter says:

It is a receiver or transmitter? Or can work as both?

donderlittich says:

timing the delay to 1ms…lmao..1 missippi 2 missippi?

J. Collins says:

Great video. I was just gifted two high quality, albeit older, spade-connection type speakers. I’m looking to get them working off of my bluetooth phone. Assuming I can convert them to the RCA type required by the logitech, could I splice the wire coming off the logitech and then run to the two speakers? Would there be degraded sound or power with splicing?
If I wanted less wires, to separate the speakers more, or perhaps remedy slicing issues, could I get another logitech and have the two devices/speakers play in synch?

Shannon Dsouza says:

Does this support samsung galaxy note 3

Tim Schmalenberger says:

Hello i also have this device when i press connect it only flasches 1time grenn and then gets red again and my s4 mini doesnt find the logitech

Tongga says:

Does this work on a lumia windows phone 8.1?

Gerson Lizama says:

you can use this for your car, all you need is a dc 5v to usb cable and it will work perfectly

Gotan Nate says:

Good video. My video about thid is much worse. I can confirm that this not work with the iPad Retina wich has a newer Bluetooth version.

Harrison Crowe says:

Can I use this product to listen to my television via bluetooth headphones instead of the television’s speakers?

paintjob12 says:

could i use both 3.5mm jack and rca at the same time??

Mariusz Kościelny says:

Thanks for that review Mac. That was helpful. Peace

Mehmet coşar says:
Steve Guile says:

I have a Samsung smart tv. When connected to my speakers will the tv be able to link wirelessly

Tche5co says:

Great review, know I know what to get.

Gaurav Sharma says:

How much difference in terms of music quality between wired as it used to be and using this Bluetooth module ?

Mike says:

Can this product works with Android phones also?

rajesh gawade says:

Hi…i have another requirement. my TV has av output.. can i use this as input to device and stream on Bluetooth headset… it’s other way round. hope I did not confused you.

Jóhannes Stefánsson says:

i could use my laptop, right?

slodown says:

Excellent review! Clear and simple instructions on how to use this piece of equipment.
Many thanks.

Mike Warmingham says:

I can get this to work with the s3, it pairs but doesnt stay connected for more than a few seconds

Csab says:

nice review  can you answer my  question ,after you have the phone paired with it lets say i go out than i come back i like to listen to music from phone do i have to always click on connect bottom on the logitech??

VRIceblast says:

Sorry deadnremain, this device is only for audio, you can’t use it to play video from your smart device. You could hear the audio though.

Benjamin Harris says:

does it work with ps3?

The Urbex Files says:

if you have this device if you open it theres a small metal plate in there that limits the blutooth range if you take it out it can go up to 100ft and through walls .

Brutal Gamez says:

Wish it had an optical .. do you know any that has optical ??

akshay rathore says:

would be buying this for my car stereo.please enlighten about power supply

vduB vw says:

let say im paired with this logitech and im playing music, can anybody hacked me and plays his music insted if mine?

Kyle Droster says:

I got the adapter and the sound quality was horrible. I could her a major difference between bluetooth and my plain rcas to 3.5 mm headphone jack. Aas really disappointed, so i returned it the next day. Very disappointed

BongEyedBastard says:

“about 1 millisecond”…

erwin w says:

Can i connect my pc to my z506 and play music with my ipad on the wireless or must i connect my pc also to wireless?

Trees Emile says:

why not?

Francisco lobo says:

how much ???

romerotito85 says:

Great review keep it up!

VRIceblast says:

This product is poorly named. You don’t hook up speakers to this device. You hook up your stereo to it, and it receives bluetooth from a device like a ipod, or smartphone, so, you can play music remotely without hooking up your smart device to your stereo. The Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter does that for you.

Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter name, sounds like you can run a pair of speakers wirelessly with this device. Like it would pick up the signal from your stereo, and play it through the speakers you have hooked up to the Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter in another part of your house. Instead it just makes you smart device wireless.

It’s a good idea, but making a pair of speakers wireless, was something I was more interested in, by the name of this device.

Logitech Bluetooth Stereo Adapter would make more sense for a name.

Smokey McPot says:

Can’t get this shit to work. It’s connected (green light, not blinking) and i’ve tried the cable so it fine but still there’s no sound coming out of my speakers.. No problem with my receiver or speakers either, I’m using them right now without the adapter (but with the cable connected directly to my computer).

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