Nulaxy In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review KM18 T10

Nulaxy In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review KM18 T10
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1. Work with iPad (max speed), iPhone (max speed), iPod, HTC, Galaxy, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones.
2. Amazing LED display can show current voltage of the storage battery of your car, also the name of songs or caller ID;
3. Supports all frequency point to launch, frequency range from 87.5 to 108 Mhz, supports AUX output and input;
4. With car charger function itself, 5V-2100M output, can charge your mobile phone or other portable device;
5. Supports A2DP, high-performance built-in microphone which can offer your clear talking and wonderful music.


Calen Barnes says:

Every time I try connecting to it with my phone, it says “connection unsuccessful”. Cannot figure out why

ladiemadonna says:

I don’t hear anything when my YouTube videos are playing. please let me know what I need to do.

Olivia Puckett says:

My cigarette lighter thing is my my center console storage. Would that be a problem with this product?

Serkan ÇIKMAZ says:

is there aux out in this product ?

Isaac Eberts says:

Great video!

Gamerz_EyEz/ says:

I have a question…my car has a radio without aux, usb, 3.5mm jack card…..However, the radio works but it doesn’t have an Antenna….will this still play radio stations without the car antenna? is there an antenna built in to it? thx

Harpreet Singh says:

hii please tell me that the music speakers works of car or the transmitter…?

D Walker112 says:

How do you change the language??

Rc Dad / Sultans of Wing says:

how do you change folders while listening to mp3 on the sd card?

bluex217 says:

It’s cool but I was hoping to use a usb stick to plan my music sucks it doesn’t have usb out

Kissa samson says:

Mine shows connected but cant hear anything from the speakers.

Maddox Win says:

So is the max volume 30? or does it go up louder?

Harpreet Singh says:

pls tell that. the speakers works of the transmitter or the car’ s boofers??????

pls tell I have to buy …

benjamin osmani says:

I have a Car mp3 player with bluetooth: It doesn’t work it says Connected but there’s no sound on the car, way?

Nintendo Mania says:

Just got one because I have no aux input so I’m hoping its good!

Clyde Angeles says:

What if you dnt have any touch screen thingy like yours in your car does the bluetooth still works and if i connect my phone and the music still plays?

MzRedd28MusicLive says:

Will it work Audi A6 06

kellynjaclyn tolliver says:

yes i have a old car can i use it to listen to fm radio on it

Carter Franco says:

So can I play my music from my phone as if it was an aux cord in the car?

Keith says:

how do you turn it off without unplugging it?

Paul Malatesta says:

Great vid, For a quick laugh try replaying from 1:45-1:47 sounds like the guy from war games or a phone operator haha

i_am_diffrent_notnormal says:

I recently bought this one and there is so much static I can’t listen to the song properly. I keep hearing the radio instead of my songs i play. Did this happen to you? if so do you know how to fix it?

Sabrina Anne Cezar says:

Have you experienced overheating while charging your phone at the same time?

Douglas Ban says:

Does it support surround sound or stereo?

Jin Yoo says:

How is the call quality, and more importantly, can the other person hear you clearly? thanks

Qua Sherman says:

Mine changed from English to Chinese one day and I don’t know how to get it back to English . I’ve held the power button down but it’s still Chinese . Any suggestions ?

maria husain says:

How do we match fm frequency/ pair it up with the radio? Thanks

Kim Meire says:

Can I use this outside the US? Can I travel with it and use it in various rental cars?

Ben Ora says:

Can you turn it off manually?? Mine stays on! Decent bit of kit tho

Gerardo Herrera Jr says:

Nice video just order one. but with the hizz there will always be hizz. unless you change your head unit or go direct to head unit using aux cable.

Stephen O'Day says:


Cri CBC says:

I would like to know if I can use the MP3 (no Bluetooth), because I have so many songs in my Sansa. Thanks!

Zew Kee says:

I just got it and it seems to work good. I was about to spend more money on a Kenwood deck and I would have lost my steering wheel controls, but this is cheaper, easier, and I retain my steering wheel volume controls.

mroxo77 says:

Yeah yeah yeah, its so great and smart, but you never gonna hear in this unreliable recommendations that, if you keep leaving it plugged in when the engine is not running or what is even worse, over the night, you car battery is going to die. When I first stared to use it, it was showing something about 14.00 voltage on my car battery, after a few days of using it, and I never left it plugged in it was showing 5.00 voltage. So I figured out how to connect it to power bank. By the way reception is far from great too.

Miguel Angel Medina Rise says:

Just get a head unit with aux for $40 or $50 from Amazon.

Jason Villamor says:

Is this compatible with ASUS Zenfone 3 phone?

KewlBratz 479 says:

What’s the splitter for?

Babyboy 5star says:

How much r deys to buy??

Jaime Katz says:


2 Questions about the Nulaxy KM18 Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter

Hello!  I have 2 questions…

The MP3 player only works if you eject the micro SD Card and re-insert
it every time you get into the car.  The problem with this is that the
micro SD Card will quickly become damaged and break from wear and tear. 
I need it to work without having to eject and re-insert the micro SD
Card every time.  Is my Transmitter defective, or is that how they work?  Or am I doing something wrong?

I created a huge CD Mix comprised of 35 separate folders, each
containing approximately 100 songs.  The Transmitter won’t recognize the
data in the sub-folders.  I need it to recognize the sub-folders.  If
it doesn’t, I cannot access all of my music.

I’m going on a road trip soon and would like to have this up and running ASAP, so your prompt response is appreciated.

Thank you, Jaime

D Walker112 says:

If you’re looking for a hack for better sound quality. Don’t bother using FM. If your car has an aux input use the the input on the transmitter it doubles as an output for the transmitter.

rsachount says:

mine doesn’t want to connect it just flashes the Bluetooth icon using a Google pixel phone

Dwayne Mcqueen says:

Does the music play from the device or does it somehow connect with the car speakers too?

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