Mpow Bluetooth Receiver – No Headphone Jack, No Problem

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver:

With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, probably future phones as well, not having a headphone jack, it was time to find a solution that would allow us to listen to music and charge while in the car, or anywhere for that matter. The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver was the answer to that problem, check out our review.

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Chris Shaw says:

Would this allow me to transmit audio alerts from my radar detector to my phone? I use my radar detector while riding my motorcycle but it’s difficult to hear the alerts. If not this device, do you have any suggestions?

Karan Recordz says:

Can i use it home theater

Jeff Peters says:

nice discussion. thanks. I am looking for a 12 volt blu-ray player that is NOT in dash. Any ideas?

MissAmandaFashion Nash says:

can u use it with a android phone or no

Keyloggs says:

I am looking for something that turns on Automatically when loading. I want to Use it for my car. I would leave it connected to aux and USB for loading thanks for your help

Brandon Rand says:

Can you keep it plugged into a charger so you wouldn’t have to charge it after a certain amount of time?

etz. says:

what if i want to connect bluetooth headphones to my computer, (which doesn’t have a bluetooth card)? the headphones obviously dont have an interface to connect to the mpow reciever, and my computer doesnt have a bluetooth card, so it also doesnt have an interface? am i screwed?

WASPnation says:

Can i sync 2 of these together one from removable wired headphones to headphone jack on non bluetooth home receiver. Anybody on here do this?

Fuck the Ibises says:

Is there something like this that I can plug on my PC’s jack port? Or does this also work with PCs?

MrZman0004 says:

You should have shown the cables included in the package.

Kanwal Latif says:

can you use it on any computer that does not have a old school audio input jack for headsets?

Tevadim Fedotov says:

For Children review !Not specifically !

Cj Concepcion says:

can it connect to multiple Bluetooth wireless earphone simultaneously?

allWoundUp357 says:

Phones aren’t “moving away from headphone jacks”, that’s ridiculous. There’s maybe 2 on the market without the 3.5mm jack and people are raising hell about them.

Federico David says:

Does it work on wired headphones

Sonny Chaudhry says:

Can you have this plugged into the car USB and let it charge while using it? For long drives for example ?

Tad pole says:

i got this for my harley davidson road glide an it works great. sound quality an volume is awesome for the price

ag3116 says:

What about taking phone calls and what you use as the Mic? your phone mic or the device?

Fatih Sönmez says:

Just bought one from here
The best thing is it’s battery lasts 8 hours.

LT Diamond says:

Do I have to turn it off and on every single time I get in the car

nisssmo 510 says:

can you make phone calls with it as well?

Jasper Benedict Tang says:

does it lag if you watch a video on your phone?

Naiuhz says:

What’s the battery life?

Robert Hastings says:

Every time I die @ 3:57

Simon Bear says:

Can you comment on the quality of audio and connection? I’ve seen some reviews of other devices that say that they have connection problems and that the audio quality isn’t the best….

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