Mpow Bluetooth Receiver 4.0 – 2016 Unboxing and Review | Make any speakers Bluetooth!

In this video I unbox and review the MPOW Bluetooth receiver; also known as the steamboat mini.

At less than 15 bucks, this is a great small piece of tech which can take any old pair of speakers and make them bluetooth compatible (so long as they have a 3.5mm input).

Buy it here – $14-17:

My speakers:
Audioengine A5+ Speakers:
(Amazing looking and sounding!)

My turntable:
Audiotechnica LP 60:
(Awesome turntable for under $100)

My therapist says I should be more social:


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Hirayoki22 says:

“And then, you can tell Apple didn’t design it” LMAO

John Parsons says:

*playing a 192kbps stream*
“with no noticeable quality drops in audio”

Go figure.

M3AKS says:

Hey Nick! It looks like you also drive an older Civic! I am considering buying this adapter but wanted to ask if you notice any loss in bass when streaming music? Thanks in advance.

Kyle Schubert says:

Mind if I ask what magnetic cell phone holder that is at 2:37?

MayitoTek says:

whats up man!! Came to visit your channel!! Noticed you haven’t uploaded in a few weeks, hope everything is going well!! for now just checking some of your other videos!! I probably need to get one of this for the system I have downstairs, I always have to leave my phone connected next to it when I want to listen to music while I hang around there. You do a good job on your videos!! keep it up !! We just happen to be in a very saturated niche 🙂

Alejandro Ramiirez says:

How the bass or amplifier?

Stephen Bakasa says:

I like this video. Clear, concise review that’s really well done. I think I’m gonna get one.

Gan Saruul says:

How about quality of sound? Is it fine or?

SirBatLemon says:

1:02 though… and the ending was pretty | _ |

og Dozie says:

Bought them for the exact m audios you have

jazzyjeff19 says:

Has anyone managed to use these with anything other then their phone? I bought these wanting to connect the receiver to my TV and then use bluetooth wireless headphones i have to listen at night when I can’t have the sound too loud but i can’t seem to figure it out and the included instructions aren’t great. They just say you have to pair with your phone first, which i have done successfully.

Padear audio tech Lee says:

Hi sir your review is nice . We have a nice product and hope you can make a test . Could you please contact me at ?

Ahnaf Kalam says:

Taking Back Sunday! 😀

510MyTube says:

You think it would work if you use the mpow and connected to an iPod classic and use the to transmit to a wireless headphones?

Fabiana Bing says:

Looks like a mini iphone 4

Jaye Bogar says:

I had mine for about 3 weeks.. and i love it. it does what says.

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