Mini USB Bluetooth CSR V4.0 dongle – Is it worth?

I just get this usb Bluetooth key and try it immediately.. It is the cheapest one on the market!!! from 1$ to 3$
And yeah it really work with no problem.. great stuff!!

Chack on the link below!

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Spider-man the Hero says:

How marry devices can you have on it at one time

MoviesOnRequest HD says:

Is it compatible on the Ps4??

Anubhav Official says:

Does it support Bluetooth Tethering? PLEASE REPLY FAST… If yes, gonna buy it!

qama1ks says:

Thanks! I ordered with your link.

black dakar says:

a dela čez steno debelo 30 cm ?

nathanalaneller says:

I’m trying to pare up my Bluetooth earbuds to my computer & its not working. If this isn’t the right device to use for computer earphones, what do I have to use? (buy the way, my earphone jack is messed up & don’t want to pay to have it fixed or take the chance of braking my compute fixing it myself, so I need a Bluetooth connection from my computer to my earbuds) can you help me out?

manuel meza says:

Hi, I have an issue and maybe you can help. So I have a 600$ Bose stereo and it only offers airplay which is a wi-fi setup(which I dont have or need or gonna get just for this) anyways I bought a bluetooth that I hooked up to the aux, it worked fine but I had it to close to the wall and I tweeked it. Now it sounds like crap, It does have a usb connection. Is their any way to hook up a bluetooth for a stereo, i found a bunch but their only for PC’s.

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