Make your headphones WIRELESS – btunes Adapter – REVIEW

2.5mm model –
3.5mm model –
Bose QC25 Model –
Bose QC15 Model –


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Noor Hussain says:

what size is needed for the M50x’s. thanks in advance 🙂

GamingStew says:

will this work with the ATH-M50x?

Kent Musni says:

Would this work for the Ath M50 X?

Mr2pint says:

This company is a rip off the device certainly isn’t worth the money and it’s not a kick starter company since they’ve been around for years – good review though

Wu Rongli says:

hi, does it work with bose qc3?

Martin Christensen says:

you’re a fag

Captin_Minecraft says:

Hi what size do I use for QC25? Also will these work with the ak240 -it has wifi and bluetooth feature. Thanks.

Timothy Jones says:

what size fits the qc3

John Kang says:

Twitter brokerjohn1031 qc25 usa

Lancelot V says:

This Adapter works really well with the cat ear headphone, the are both kickstarter-ed/indigogo-ed and they both feel really nice

Jeff Hartmann says:

I want the 2.5mm!!!!

charliemmadad says:

Great review.  Very thorough.  I am really glad you reviewed the Bose Q25.

MC_FireStriker says:

Hey Jimmy does this work for Xbox one PS4 and TV?

Ben Dell says:

I’m gonna get these and have wireless Bose QC25s cuz I’m too cheap to get the Bose QC35

S. fallingUP. says:

Jim Plz make a review video for: Special Edition Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Headphones..Thnx

tiago abreu says:

i am BR

LegendaryKirby says:

But mic doesn’t work with it

Joleen Darth Lim Saley says:

Hey Jimmy, QC25 with btunes.. How does it compare to QC35?

Carlos Ariel Desch says:

Hi Jim, it would be fantastic if you could do a review about the AKG Y50 and Y50BT. There is some about the first one, but not good like yours, and there is almost none about the BT version. I tried them in store, and end up buying the Y50BT, because of the wireless feature, despite the price tag. A pitty i didnt see this review first!!!!

mark narciso says:

You ugly

Maxi86inAction says:

Just ordered the Master & Dynamic mh30

Bil Shaw says:

the profile for this is too big.. not pretty if you are outside.

Andrew C says:

99 dollars seems quite steep. Mpow has a 16 pound dongle. So what’s the benefit?

ChiefSach says:

How do they affect audio quality? Also, I’d like to see them plugged into to the sennheiser momentum, is there a picture anywhere or can you tweet one? 🙂

Damian Nolbert says:

Hi Jim, I’ve got Akg Y45bt headphones and i wanted to pair them with a sony kdl48w705c tv. the tv itself has no Bluetooth. is it possible to connect it via the headphone jack in the tv? thx

iBoredization says:

Great review! I was really considering getting one.
Following on FB (Jason Goh) and Twitter (jsongoh). I’m currently on the QC25’s, and i’m located in Singapore

Rafael Lopez says:

is this product better or equal to the VicTsing Portable Mini Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Receiver A2DP Wireless Adapter?

Jeremy Boneo says:

Need for bose qc 15

chrismac718 says:

One of thee most slept on review pages…

Val Yanovsky says:

the real crime here is him using beats

Paul Alvarez says:

Heard of any success with audio Technica m50x?

Ænigmatic Productions says:

could I plug this into my headphones and use this on my pc as a mic?

王天博 says:

Very helpful,and the QC25 is almost perfect,add this,the QC25 now is completed!!

John Patrick Flores says:

hey jim, does this work with the old urbanite(wired) xl?


Hi Jimmy i own a qc25 but recently there qc35 should i sell the 25 for 35 or shld i buy the adapter to make 25 into wireless. Oh the adapter did the noise cancellation compromised after the adapter was attached.

Joey says:

how did you record the call

Travis says:

Can I have the 2.5mm one? I have e qc 35 but I still prefer my hd558 for comfort. I have been a subscriber when u first started and made sound purchases from your in depth review. Thanks Jim continue on your great reviews.
Ig : Travischong7777
Country : Singapore

Mc Hochman says:

Hello, have a question please.
I have powerbeats3 wireless , if I was traveling on an airplane can I plug this device into the 3.5mm armchair jacket and link it to my earbuds ( same one I bluetooth to my phone) and listen to the movie or music coming for the airplane entrainment system from the plane. Looking for a device that can do this , so when i travel I don’t need wired headphones too. Tyvm for your time.

Demi-Ray Goldberg says:

Ridiculous price tag..

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