Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter Unboxing and Review

Today I review the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter. Make all your speakers wireless with this little wireless adapter.
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Paul Michael Roperos says:

is this compatible with ps4?

John Connor says:

Great review man, I was looking at buying this since it’s on sale for 19.99 on ebay right now.

Jay Tripathy says:

Hi your review was amazing. I just wanted to know if both the rca port and the 3.5mm jack work simultaneously. What i mean is that, can i connect two music systems ( one through 3.5mm jack and another through rca port) simultaneously to play the same music? Please reply. Its very important for me.

alien says:

you can get tp link it have usb as power source and also have BT 4.1 instead 3.0 with logitech

Jan Michael Billones says:

I tried mine, I connected 3 different headsets to the 3.5mm and it has same problem laike it don’t have the bass anymore and the sound is chappy do you think my bluetooth adapter is defective or something?

kboardman says:

Fairly straightforward. Both outputs on the device, and a cable with RCA on one end and 3.5 mm jack on the other. So no matter what input type your device has you can use just that one cable.
If the speakers (or other device) have a 3.5 mm input, use the RCA side of the cable on the back of the Bluetooth receiver and the 3.5 mm side of the cable for the speakers. If the speakers have an RCA input, use the 3.5 mm side of the cable on the Bluetooth receiver and the RCA side of the cable on the speakers. Unless you don’t need the cable at all because you already have one or one is already attached to your speakers.
Also, not ‘anyone can connect to it’. When you plug it in the first time it goes into pairing mode. after that the button on the top needs to be pressed before it can be paired with anything else. This is shown by the blinking led on the bottom. This is also why there is no pin code.
A little thought before shooting the video might help. This info is also in the instructions you tossed aside. Beyond that it is logical and seems obvious I would think. If you are going to be a tech reviewer, you should think in a technical manner, no?
So we get your opinion, but some of the technical information you provide is incomplete or incorrect.
What sets tech reviewers apart in this crowded space is attention to detail and accurate well thought out information. Great example is Marques Brownlee (MKBHD).
Just trying to be constructive. Will continue to watch.

9FX says:

Jij komt toch uit België

TuxKey says:

To bad there isn’t a Kleer technology adapter the sound quality of Kleer is much better no compression of Bluetooth basically lossless

Jason Holcroft says:

Good video. Just a tip, Uncompressed WAV rips of cds sound noticeably better through this Bluetooth adaptor than MP3s, the higher bit rate effect does sift through the signal path.

TuxKey says:

Need a portable version of this perhaps with a clip

Kader Mohideen says:

If I connect it to my 2.1 speakers to receive audio from my smart TV, will it auto connect eveytime I turn on and off the TV?

Jeremy Oliver says:

wtf happened to the audio… you need a better recording space even with the good mic working

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