Unboxing, review & tutorial of a very cool new gadget by Logitech.

This Adapter allows you to turn just about any set of speakers/surround sound system into Bluetooth/wireless capable speakers.

Full Specs: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/bluetooth-audio-adapter?crid=47


Xplicit fpv says:

great vid! i cant wait 2 get mine

Orion's Harmony says:

does it work the other way around? i mean from a 3.5 output to bluetooth headphones

Samuel Williams says:

Can it pair with a smart tv?

Daniel Feneck says:

Thanks man, was wondering if I wanted this. I do. Cheers.

beastwork says:

you can’t turn the frickin thing off. if you want to connect to anther blue tooth device the logitech will interfere unless you unplug it.

aCe Rahmat says:

Thanks for the review picster_nz, it helped me to decide to buy this product.

AnimeFanDeluxe says:

could you tell me what the voltage,amp rating is on the power adaprer? i might be able to fix one of these in my car since its looks better then other stuff

MrSupraDuper says:

your accent is stuffed

aplace inthesun says:

What’s the spec?
Bluetooth 4.0?

Mat Setizar says:

Using my own cable, will it work if I connect the RCA out on this device to the RCA in on my amplifier?

Nitin Justa says:

Thank you. Placed order.

G lakshmeepathi says:

Can I plug in earphones into it? Or only powered systems?

Tech Defender says:

So this is basically a chromecast audio?

G C9 says:

and what is with 5.1 speaker system?

Emran Hasan says:

can give 1oo% clear delivery ?i bought a normal bluetooth adapter but it not to give 1oo% sounnd dalivery.if logitech do i bought it.

Chris Go says:

It kind sucks makes popping sounds from your computer to speakers when sound or videos are done.

91rickstar says:

+picster_nz What dose the power pack say on the out put example 5vdc 1a

john argue says:

goood review. showed setup and working. thumbed up

Chris Klest says:

How do I force mono files to play through both speakers? Some Youtube videos were uploaded in mono and I want to play them in stereo. Windows 10, Mozilla Firefox, Logitech BT Adapter Stereo driver.

Abdul Majid says:


Little Gator Farm says:

How annoying is the chime sound when it pairs?

Paul Edwards says:

plug into hi-fi not speakers. I got the esinkin version which is identical – and cheaper!

Brian Hinton says:

Very interesting Thank You, Brian UK

I Love Music says:

USB audio adapter –>> http://ali.pub/olzne
–>> http://ali.pub/lxsck

Tom Procopio says:

Can this be used on a TV also

Chris Go says:

Why not use RCA to RCA vs headphone to RCA?

Trump Fan says:

You have a modern device and an antique stereo system?

WebX says:

I bought this so I could connect my TV to headphones.

It’s the first thing that was ever able to connect to the Samsung KS8000. But the sound from the 3.5mm port is complete worthless garbage. It is all drowned out like it is overloaded, but is only moderate in volume. Also, I have literally no volume control over the thing, either in bluetooth volume on the TV or volume on the device itself.

It sucks, because I bought an Insignia one that sounded decent, but could only connect for 10 or so seconds at a time. I blame a good part of this on Samsung.

Why are the only devices for this cheapo garbage products? I’m surprised there is no market for good bluetooth adapters, because anyone with good headphones surely didn’t buy bluetooth headphones, but these same people probably want to use bluetooth now and again.

C_ Farther says:

Well done, great demonstration. I have a question: if you use two speakers with rca jacks, it appears only speaker can be connected, is that right?

Mubarak Hossain Khan says:

is it work on logitach z906 sound system ? can i got surround sound ?

Abubakkar Siddeek says:

Adapter available in gulf country bro

MrStarless says:

not support aptX fucking crap

Jay Kay says:

This guy reminds me of Ewan McGregor


Wer eine günstige und gute Alternative sucht kann mal hier vorbeischauen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0FN0VHD1Fk

Whoever is looking for an inexpensive one (a clone of this) should watch this (its in German) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0FN0VHD1Fk

Alvaro Close says:

can you use it to use a Bluetooth ear piece as a mic? like play music from your phone and use the mic at the same time?

Waseem Khan says:

Nice, but how can we connect 5.1 setup logitech z506 with this bluetooth adapter? do we need only one adapter?

GrandmasterPirlo says:

What is the function of the button on the adapter?

Harrison says:

Bro, get Sky…

Fernando Nonaka says:

what about the power suply? Does it stay always ON? Or it turns Off when not using after 15 min for example?

AmFilms123 says:

Does it work with Win-7 laptop?
Can I use this watching a movie in VLC on the laptop?

Pawan V says:

Do I need to make connections every time I switch from PC to Logitech Bluetooth or vise-versa ? If No how to make the connections to use them both without having to redo the wiring ?

siva shankar says:

Is audio surround through speaker??

Shamanarts says:

excellent device!

BongEyedBastard says:

Excellent tutorial / review. Thanks mate.

Raymond Fields says:

Can you pair Bluetooth headphones?

Sierpi2i5 says:

Do I see correct (on the bottom)? Power input is 5V, 150mA? That means it could be powered via USB?

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