Item review – 3.5mm Bluetooth Dongle

Here is a video review I made about a #Bluetooth audio #receiver that I purchased online.

Here are several links to purchase the item on : (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Aliexpress)

Here is an updated video review I made about this device:

This device fits any #audio system (car/home etc.) with a 3.5mm socket. In my opinion this item is just fabulous & I truly recommend it.

The pros:
– Sound quality is excellent.
– Low price.
– Easy to use.
– It has a phone speakerphone since it has a mic in it – great bonus feature for those who don’t have that in their car (let’s say if you rent a car it will be very necessary).
– Another thing I didn’t mention in the video is that it works in a range of up to 10 meters so assuming you use it for your car (i.e. during a road trip), if it’s a big car or you are out of your car it’s still works great!

The cons:
I cant think of any bad things to say about it…

Please check this video review and the updated video review, if there will be something new I will update this section.

Q: how long it lasts on a single charge?
A: Charging the device takes approx. 15-25 minutes. When fully charged, the device works for approx. 10 hours.

Q: Can I use the device while it is charging?
A: Yes, the device can operate while charging.

Q: Will it work with wired headphones?
A: Yes, if you connect this receiver to wired headphones, they will operate as wireless headphones.

Q: How is the sound quality when I use this receiver to make phone calls?
A: It depends on the specific model you are using, since it’s manufactured by several different manufacturers, so the quality of the device varies. In some cases it can operate well, while in other cases sound quality of the phone call will be not so good.

Q: Can I answer phone calls from this device instead of from the smartphone?
A: In my case I didnt manage to do that – I answer the phone calls from the smartphone itself.

Q: Do you recommend this device?
A: For the price it costs – YES, it’s worth the risk, and worst case scenario you can contact the seller and ask for refund or whatever you can settle for.

Q: Can I answer a phone call using the receiver?
A: By pressing the button you can:
– Answer incoming phone call.
– Disconnect an ongoing phone call.
– Redial to the last dialed number.

Here is the user manual for this device:

This is the description of the item:
Universal 3.5mm Streaming Car A2DP Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit AUX Audio Music Receiver Adapter Handsfree with Mic For Phone MP3

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syeed khaiser says:

can I use it for my sony mhc-GNv99d hometheatre

R Arizona says:

you talk too much

Sam Ford says:

i bought one of these to plug into my headphones and use the bluetooth from my phone,its sucks..very tinny sound no volume and the distance from phone was about 10 and it started to cut out.

Mehul Modi says:

does if lower the quality of the audio?

Nhi Nguyen says:

where does the device come from ? Give me address?

buttbutterson mcbutt says:

can you plug this in to headphones that aren’t Bluetooth? the ones with removable cables

vikash ahirwar says:

does it support stereo channel?? because mine is playing same audio (mono) on both earplugs.

electrosec says:

I need to pair my bluetooth headphones to my non bluetooth laptop. will this do?

Sikorik 99 says:

These are JUNK! AVOID!

Deez Nuts says:

its not only cars…you can use it with anything like I.e turn your wired stereo system into a bluetooth one

Jonathan Miller says:

mine isn’t changing

kiriloffice says:

Tell me man, if i have this one with microphone will the built microphone work on my earbuds ? And does the commands for play/pause, skip song will work when connected on this transmitter?

strumpeteer says:

Thanks for sharing but If you have to manually power up that dongle every time you get in the car, then it’s a PITA. It would be much more convenient and less time consuming to just plug in the wire.

ScruffyCoder says:

I have a quastion how long does the battery last

Kenny Budhwa says:

Nice Video! just bought the same one but for $2.66 think i got a deal!!

fryair4free says:

Boss hi,
My question is, how to install flash player, to an old Toyota Civic audio system of 1999? And how to loaded music from my comp library, on it? Thanks in advance, for advise..

Wes Schooley says:

Anyone kno if this would work with my home stereo an my laptop?

Oscar djkar says:

Muchas gracias por tu video, fue muy útil y explicativo.
Yo compré el mismo dsipositivo y funciona muy bien.
Saludos desde Antofagasta, Chile! (Y)

Vishesh Shrivastav says:

hey, i just wanna ask u whether we can use it to maje calls or not. without handling the phone

Suhail Ahmed says:

Can I add this for led tv

Ujjwal Kesarwani says:

How much charging is needed for successfully pairing a device. I have bought this device and it ain’t showing any blue light even after holding the on/off button for 5 secs.

Is this a Charging issue or what.
Please help.

Monster says:

Do you have to charge this device?

Søren Leithoff says:

How long does the battery last before I have to recharge it?

venkatakrishna g says:

Hi, is there any indication for charging or how do you get to know it’s fully charged..?

Zafar Ali Joyo says:

this device connect to normal speaker?? & amplifiers

Arjit Singh says:

My phone not support this for phone call profile

James Stimpson says:

It’s cheap and nasty. People hear every other word. Buy something else.

Popescu Robert says:

how is the quality compared to wired connection ?

Tommaso Valenzano says:

Lol…a cable is better quality..chep and dont need charge that hahaha

Phredator says:

Infrared devices 🙂 …

Z Sz says:

Hi, I have ordered today , thanks a lot.

Christian Leal says:

Hi! Can I connect a Bluetooth headset to this adapter?

StefieB 3 says:

I bought the daiso electrical speaker non battery or non Bluetooth and I also I bought the Bluetooth receiver which is rechargeable battery

mohamad yunanda says:

can i plug this into USB slot in my audio unit so it will read as an USB with mp3 in it ???

Adam Martin says:

Does it work for headphones?

adamrippon98 says:

can u have it in the car and charge it at the same time

Amir Omar says:


Desi video By Rahul says:

hii can you help me this blutooth devise support video song yes ya no plz help meee

sahib bedi says:

It can connect with iphone 7 ?

Djambo says:

1:30 hdmi

Alex Mussgnug says:

hey, I would like to know. when I leave it plugged into my car will it connect automatic if I leave my phone Bluetooth on when I start my car. ( if I leave it plug to the charger)

rock abhinay sunny says:

is the blutooth device have to charge

RS raj sao says:

charging time

Dinesh S.P. says:

how many days will it’s charge hold?

Mr J says:

can i make this thing for wireless microphone

Devang Vashishtha says:

can i charge it from phone charger wall socket does it will fuse

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