Item review – 3.5mm Audio Bluetooth Receiver (Update)

This is an update video review I made about a 3.5mm audio #Bluetooth #receiver.

Here are several links to purchase the item online: (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Amazon Canada) (Aliexpress)

I already reviewed this item in the past, and in this video, I will answer the FAQ (frequently asked questions) that were brought up by people who commented after watching my previous video review about this item.

Here is the previous video review I made about this device:

The brand: N/A (Various manufacturers)
The model: N/A

The pros:
– Great device for transmitting audio wirelessly from a Bluetooth device to a audio device that does not include a Bluetooth connection (i.e. audio system, headphones, etc.).
– Very attractive price tag.
– Easy to operate.
– Small which makes it portable.
– Includes a built in rechargable battery that lasts for 9-10 hours, which is very good in my opinion.
– This device operates also as a wireless speaker, and will allow you to make phone calls.

The cons:
– There are many manufacturers for this device, so the quality of the device you order might vary from one to another.
– The sound quality of the wireless speaker for making phones calls doesn’t work well according to some of the people who I spoke to. I guess this relates to the difference in the quality of the devices manufactured by different manufacturers.

Please check this video review and the previous video review, if there will be something new I will update this section.

Q: how long it lasts on a single charge?
A: Charging the device takes approx. 15-25 minutes. When fully charged, the device works for approx. 10 hours.

Q: Can I use the device while it is charging?
A: Yes, the device can operate while charging.

Q: Will it work with wired headphones?
A: Yes, if you connect this receiver to wired headphones, they will operate as wireless headphones.

Q: How is the sound quality when I use this receiver to make phone calls?
A: It depends on the specific model you are using, since it’s manufactured by several different manufacturers, so the quality of the device varies. In some cases it can operate well, while in other cases sound quality of the phone call will be not so good.

Q: Can I answer phone calls from this device instead of from the smartphone?
A: In my case I didnt manage to do that – I answer the phone calls from the smartphone itself.

Q: Do you recommend this device?
A: For the price it costs – YES, it’s worth the risk, and worst case scenario you can contact the seller and ask for refund or whatever you can settle for.

Q: Can I answer a phone call using the receiver?
A: By pressing the button you can:
– Answer incoming phone call.
– Disconnect an ongoing phone call.
– Redial to the last dialed number.

Here is a link to the user manual of this item:

Here is the description of the item:
Universal 3.5mm Streaming Car A2DP Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit AUX Audio Music Receiver Adapter Handsfree with Mic For Phone MP3

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selvakumar venkatachalam says:

can this be connected between portable mp3 player without bluetooth and a bluetooth headphone so that i can hear song from mp3 player through this device to bluetooth headphone?

Roman Shelʹkevych says:

102 meters radius of this receiver! I tested this. Audio signal quality in output is little worse than the original. Bought two.

Rizky Anugrah says:

can you answer the call from the reciever button ?

Maxus Lord says:

I have bought this item but after pairing with some devices, it didn’t work I couldn’t power off. The only thing that it does is flashing the red and blue leds at the same time. I don’t know what it means because the manuals doesn’t say something about this.

GabakUSA Free computer training says:

can you leave it charging all the time? will it turn off by itself when you leave the car? I like that feature like I have in other stereo cars

Yhass The Great says:

How to replace the battery?

Biswajit Routray says:

can i use this device while it charging ?

Test Channel says:

Can i use headphones with a microphone? And use the microphone of the headset instead of the built in one?

Mykolas Uselis says:

can i connect it to pc spearkers

Christian Forsberg says:

Can you charge it during drive (in use)?

domenico de rosa says:

Can you charge it and use it at the same time

Laysha Tyelle says:

does it work with iphones ?

braydon pelant says:

I just got one an can not turn it on. Does it have to fully charge?

TheOverpricedcoffee says:

an u pair it to wireless headset?

Byron Baker says:

i ordered this device, wondering if i made a mistake but you put my mind at ease im looking forward to receiving this device soon, thanks.

Kayla Saucedo says:

how long to charge fully if it was fully dead

allan Tipon says:

Can I use this to my portable speaker???

Pony Sixfinger says:

Would this allow me to skip tracks using my car head unit when it is connected to my phone?

Trevor Rogers says:

should the red light stay on constantly while the device is charging

Gur Isler says:

will it cause any delays while using it with a PC for gaming

Faizal Anwar says:

Hi,may i know if the sound volume is softer when this bluetooth receiver is being used or its still the same as when using a regular 3.5mm cable?thank you

vinci88 says:

Can I use it as a transmitter. If I connect it to an old cd player with 3.5mm jack then use my Bluetooth speaker/headphones, will it work? thanks

Aik says:

what quality is the audio for headphones?

Nico Scala says:

Thank you for your video

Ramon fernandez says:

I have beats solo 2 not wireless if I connect this to the headphones will the be wireless?

Borna Kovac says:

I don’t have a code because i throw away the user manual but it’s asking me for a code and it’s not 1234 or 0000! Can you help?

alecsdinu says:

Hey ! In the car, when the charging cable is inserted in the device, will it self power on and auto connect when you switch on the ignition ?

Debasish Hokai says:

hey!can i know the brand name of this 3.5mm bluetooth reciever

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