Item review – 2-In-1 Bluetooth Audio Receiver And Transmitter

This is a video review I made about a 2-In-1 #Bluetooth wireless audio #receiver and #transmitter

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The brand: N/A (You can find this item under different labels).
The model: N/A

The pros:
– Good sound quality, with no disturbances or noticeable delay when receiving/transmitting sounds.
– Nice design.
– Reasonable price.
– Easy to operate, with only one button, no need to press anything when switching between the different modes.

The cons:
– Battery life could have been better, since this device is bigger compared to the other alternatives, that offers the same / better battery life.
– This is a bigger device compared to other similar devices, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but this can make this device less relevant for car use.

I will update this section if needed.

Here is a link to the user manual of this item:
I will update this information soon.

Here is the description of the item:
Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter Receiver Portable 2-in-1 Wireless Audio Adapter 3.5mm Stereo Output for Headphones, TV, Computer / PC, MP3 / MP4 Player, Car Stereos ( A2DP, 8 Hours Playtime)

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derosoft says:

Many people have noticed and mentionned that this unit does not transmit in Stereo! I tested with an oscilloscope and sure enough, the transmission is in mono. The transmitter input is such that the left and the right signal are added together – (if you disconnect one channel, you still hear it from both earphone but if you connect the other channel, the volume goes up but still in MONO not in STEREO. I bought mine from Banggood (actually bought two) but now I’m pretty disapointed…

Vitor Amante says:

Hi. Do you have any problem like loosing pairing when in transmit mode, or the sound stopping playing in the headphones?
I have one recently, and trying to send my TV sound to my Bluedio 2+ headphones. But the transmission of sound or parring continues to fall.
And the sound quality is not that great…

Sangita Patil says:

how many bluetooth speakers can connect same time with this?

Mohsin Mahmood says:

hello. i cannot transmit sound from my led to my nia x2 wireless headphones. need your guidance. thanks

jelly K says:

I have this device and it is only pairing with only the one speaker bluetooth device I’ve used in the beginning And Now it cannot connect to any other bluetooth speakers.
Do you know how i can do it?

teledual says:

Can you please delete the terrible and annoying background music from your video? Very difficult to follow your description/review.

Farar Rarara says:

can i use this device to make my wired earphone to bluetooth one? or this only work for powered speaker?

Kenneth Nicklowicz says:

Yes your video caused me to order one. (Ebay). They should pay you for the sales. I am testing to rule out a driver / device causing this. Amazing keep up these kind of videos as I share similar background and always enjoy a different view

Grover Techno says:

can i use this with dslr

Johnny Sammut says:

cannot pair with my Bluetooth earphones

Ukvard Mil says:

Is this product a good solution for transmitting a sound from the computer to the speakers when watching movies via projector? Do you have a better solution? (I’m using a wired connection now, but the wire breaks very often so I’d like to try it wirelessly).

Doug Drew says:

how do you connect 2 different devices to the device????

amechi anakwenze says:

Hi, i bought this and it works perfectly if am watching TV and it’s connected to the TV. But if i am playing a DVD from a DVD machine, it doesn’t work at all. Can you help?

KAMI erty says:

its bluetooth transmitter receiver HIFI MONo made in china

Dionatha Alves says:

Can i let it always conected with usb port using with computer or the battery can be damaged ?

Mario Lento says:

Was anybody able to plug the bluetooth transmitter device (RT B6) to Apple AirPods?

zloungeact says:

Background music is fucking annoying.

Mario Lento says:

Question: If I buy 2 Audio-receiver (RT B6), will I be able to transmit music (with a wire plugged in the red transmit hole) with one and receive music (with a wire plugged in the black receive hole) with the other?

Giampiero del Buono says:

la qualità audio è veramente molto scadente, volume basso, bassi che distrocono niente a che vedere con la trasmissione bluetooth da smartphone a cuffie, sconsiglio l’acquisto

คณพศ ซ้วนตั้น says:

Is this aptX technology?

Kenneth Nicklowicz says:

I got one and while the sound is good, it sounds a bit distorted and is not as clear as the BT standard. Guess you get what you pay for. Still love it and did a review

Deviance Perth says:

One comment, iOS devices don’t support apt-X low latency.

Rodney Wing says:

i’m having trouble connecting to phyllips hyprlite bluetooth headset

colin brannan says:

Good instructional video but please lose the irritating piano music

Lunitaproductions says:

Have anyone noticed that the audio its on mono?

Junx_x Yi says:

If you plug this into a wired headphone/ earphone will the sound be the same as without it?

ruben blaz says:

buy this device and in the transmitter mode disconnected every 10 minutes I have to reconnect the cable to follow the transmission to someone I pass this?

Jakub Wierzchowski says:

Dont buy it! quality of sound is terrible!

Ibrahim Darwich Ajjour says:

Hi, I have 5.1 surround system which has three 3.5 output jack. Is there any device that can transmit Bluetooth with three 3.5 jacks?

Leon L. says:

Can I change the mode from receiving to transmitting by pressing the button or do I have to disconnect the cable which is currently not in use every time?

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