How to Add Bluetooth Audio to Any PC – 2 Minute Tech

Let me know if you guys want to see more of these fast paced tutorials. Leave suggestions down below for the next one I should do! Thanks for watching, more videos coming soon.

Also, video is recorded in 4k on my new Sony RX 10 II downscaled to 1080p, let me know how it looks.

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Ethan Lopez says:

Does it work on a PS4

Cahyo Winarko says:

is there any sound lacks…??
i had an old one (MUSHROOM form). i plugged it in PC(WinXP), it connects with no problem to my headset(Nokia-BH503), until i play music, then the sound is INTERUPTED. also it didnt work with my laptop(Win7) i pluged to usb port then nothing happen, so i dont use this crap anymore.

this review maybe is good referrence for getting the subtitute. but can it work with PS3 bluetooth controller…??

Shut da hell up says:

awww yeahhhhh

Alexander Johansen says:

Left the 100th like, and enjoyed the guide 🙂

Deep Chac says:

i am plugging in my adapter but the bluethooth icon is not showing……
what to do…………

mrtecnhimuyo says:

Can I do this to my blue ray player and watch videos?

kntwing says:

does it work with all brands keyboards & headphones?
i have a computer doesn’t have blue tooth so i was thinking of buying this …
i have a keyboard blue tooth i want to use & a headphone i want to use both with blue tooth wondering
can i use 2 device at the same time?
how the battery life?

Cole Howie says:

Does this work with Airpods?

C R says:

my issue is that after I install the adapter and go under Bluetooth and turn it on it doesn’t recognize my headphonesand the one time it did was only when I clicked to add it and it said can’t connect to it so I don’t know what else to do

ᎶяєуᎷαттєя - ᎧяτhᎧdᎧх Ꮯняιѕтιαn says:

DIsliked the video just because of that loud annoying music. Next time try to play it in the backtround.


Love you channel.

Jerry Samuels says:

This is an amazing video from a marketing perspective. Rare indeed!

raza khan says:

i have xbox one s joystick i have connect with pc i buy 4.0 blutooth divce or any blutooth divce work 3.0 or .2.0 plz give my ansawar

Epic Gaming says:

I need one

Richárd Bóc says:

I have the same USB adapter and a JBL E55BT headphone, but it shows up as “Bluetooth Hands-free Audio” in the playback device list, and it have a horrible audio quality even if i uncheck the handsfree telephony. Anyone knows a fix for that?


Another great video.

Scorpiiious says:

Would you still recommend this bluetooth adapter? 🙂 Cheers mate for the great video!

Gerald Ellis says:

should i buy one of these from china for like $2.00

FLEX Games says:

this work with ps4 controller

Ralph Körner says:

How do you manage to make a 2 minute video, which has such a low information density?
Seriously, this video could have been 20 seconds long and still contain ALL the information this one had.
Please just write down what you’re going to say beforehand and you’ll probably see all those time-wasting lines yourself.
And does anyone actually enjoy having background music in a tech tutorial?!?

Braksten says:

can you use your phone to send audio to your PC to play music through your speakers

Horia Dragos Filimon says:

Will this work for a samsung tv to see the sony wireless headphones ?

Andre Mori says:


Edward Reyez says:

My car stereo doesnt have bluetooth connection, but it has usb. Do you think i can use that so i can listen to my car audio coming from my mobile phone?

James Brown says:

Can you play your non bluetooth speakers and a set of bluetooth headphones at the same time? Would that require 2 volume controlsi?

KawaiiFaceMiles says:

this did not answer my problems but my viewers told me to like/comment/subscribe so i did.

Rokerek says:

OMG Thank u so buch. I buy this but this doesnt work, and i Get so sad. why? Cause i spend 59.99 euro for new bluetooth headfones names JBL E-550 THANK I BRO. THANKS

abbyboyone says:

i purchased one from my local frys about 1 month ago. it really is easy to install and use. plus it came with a 5 dollar refund. it cost about 10 bucks after refund.

Swind says:

I have bluedio turbine t2 headphones it says it supports bluetooth 4.1 will it work with this dongle?

Yt Daheim says:

Cool video 😉

Parth Rajorekar says:

Which windows ???

MrCougar214 says:

Have you used your BT on your PC for voice as well as audio? I want to buy a BT dongle for my Windows 10 pc and connect my Samsung Level U Pro’s and use this setup with Skype but I don’t know if it will work and what the quality will be.

Sergio says:

1:08 that’s what she said.

Zerowan LP says:

Work the Mic from the headphone ?

Comet says:

I got mine and it came with a CD, do I have to use the CD so it can work? mine doesn’t work :/

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