Bose Bluetooth Wireless Music Audio Receiver Adapter Unboxing & Review

Unboxing, review and quick set up of Bose Bluetooth wireless audio receiver adapter. Bought it from amazon for about $60.


Elvst says:

Does this support the bose cinemate 5 the new realease

Efrain Hernandez says:

question can i used this in my car stereo

Ahmad Almarri says:

Nice review, question, can i connect my bose bluetooth headset to this adapter and listen to audio coming from the TV if i connected the adapter to a tv with optical cable? ..

the lockness monster says:

I just got mine. Very nice

Mayank Batra says:

this or logitech bluetooth adapter ??
which one do you suggest i am bose fan but just a bit skeptical because of the price

Barber Talk 101 says:

Quick question. Is this device rechargeable? And if so how long can it play before needing to be plugged back in to the power source?

aft7676 says:

Your video was awesome until you started playing religious music. lol

Hiran W says:

hi could you tell me if the power adapter si 110v to 220v or only 110volts. thks

Pamela Williams says:

Is sound suppose to come out of it? I’m confused because I have it hooked to a Bose speaker but I’m not understanding how it different please help me

Nikolay Petkov says:

Were there additional power plugs (i.e. UK, EU) in the box?

Tevadim Fedotov says:

For Children review ! Not specifically !

Valorie Wilkinson says:

Nice review…I just have one question. How do you turn it off when not in use? Does it have to be unplugged from the power source???

Manny Sanchez says:

Great review..well explained. God bless

Adon blustar says:

where online can I buy one?? thx

Jimmy gutierrez says:

Does the Bose cut off just asking if it sounds good imma buy one

TeamTitus213 says:

Nice review – very helpful….

Kage Kun says:

ok so, I have a unique set up I need this to connect to my ps4 and then bluetooth to a soundbar I have everything running off a projector

Ronnie Bisanz says:

does it works for Bose companion 5 ???

shiham e says:

Useful video.. can we use this adaptor for a lcd tv to connect with 2.1 speaker, or another bluetooth speaker.???

anthony cramer says:

does this control the volume on a 1-2-3 series 2?


does this work on bose wave music system ?

Static Mike says:

Nice video. I have the cinemate15 and can’t figure out how to keep it hooked to my TV while choosing to play through my Bluetooth without having to unplug the TV connection. :/ should I assume I will have to disconnect the TV optical wire when I want to use the Bluetooth? I have both plugged in at the same time thinking the remote control would of allowed Me to choose between the two.

sayawka7 says:

Is it normal to see pair not connected to play with the smartphone?

Oswaldo Mercado says:

I have a bose soundlink air. is it necessary to use a bose bluetooth adaptor or can I use a logitech wireless adaptor? .I mean the quality is affected by the branch of the adapter ?

Ryan Silver says:

whats the diff between this and the wave bluetooth bose adapter? which costs like 2x more

Aidan W says:

Can you connect this to the bose Companion 2 Series 3

Ivan Cruz lomasloco19 says:

Can I connect this to my Samsung tv and make my tv Bluetooth?

ham aravin says:

does it need to be connected to the wall to make it work?

Josephine Murphy says:

Thanks for this – very helpful!

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