Bluetooth Receiver – Portable Audio Auxiliary [MPOW / TaoTronics]

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Hypercube says:

How’s the bass on this unit? I have heard that another company (TaoTronics) makes the exact same unit, but reviews show that some of them are defective (No bass)

kimchee94112 says:

Why not just connect the phone directly (hard wired)?

Massimo Cavalieri d'Oro says:

what if you keep the device let’s say 2 feet away, can they hear you fine on the other side during a phone call please?

Dago castillo says:

will this work with steering wheel controls?

TAPP Channel says:

how about charger?? Can you keep it plugged to the power charger or you charge it home every time???

Lee Walton says:

When you get your iPhone, she will STILL have the better phone.

Kevin Johnson says:

He was dancing but didn’t hit the beat once.

sanakiyamam1987 says:

i ordered the same i mean i bought the same one my man with bluetooth 4.1 for my iphone 7 and i will buy iphone 6 headphones so i can connect to my iphone 7 wireless. the thing is with iphone 7 headphones its very difficult because the device only has 3.5 Aux in

King Lo says:

That woman is beautiful…wow. Nice review too.

Oscar Ortegano says:

can you charge the mpow while using it in the car?

Rumeel12708 says:

Im thinking of buying one for my truck but my phone has quad dac for the 3.5mm jack and the sound is amazing, but the bluetooth versatility is awesome. So I dont know if i should

maggie fazel says:

what about if some body call

ProBiscuits says:

If you have the device plugged in to charge in the car will it turn on with the ignition or do you have to switch it on manually?

Alex Wallau says:

Hi! Does this adapter has a stereo output? I”ve tested one similar and only get mono sound from my iPhone.

MrAngelus says:

does it send all audio to the car stereo… such as if i’m playing google music or pandora etc

296jayce says:

are you getting any kind of noise if you have a charger plugged into the phone or the device?

SWFlorida Car Guy says:

Thx, just bought one….nice presentation.

scott kennedy says:

So i see this thing is a transmitter as well as a receiver, Could i hook a microphone to this and transmit that signal to my IPhone to record a video?

Cesar Zamora says:

She is so cute, no disrespect! when i get older i wanna have a wife just like her! <3

Victor Ramos says:

Great video. I have a question, if I’m using waze or navigation app, does the turn by turn is heard on the car’s speakers? And interrupt the music, I drive for Uber and want to stream music and use waze at the same time, thank you.

milad j Dadash mehrtash j says:

can you make phone calls with that

Smitty says:

Nice Video, you two are funny. LOL Getting one.

Yatin Rathod says:

how is the sound quality

Nayeli G. Medina says:

I like this!! getting one thanks you to guys. I have been searching for diff ones this one seems good

nichole l says:

How much is this item

victor g says:

Just wanted to say that’s one beautiful girl

Steve Vento says:

Do you have to manually pair this every time? Or will it recognize it automatically?

xanderfloat says:

Who is she? She is pretty af, lucky you

So Fly Official says:

4:41 omg are you serious, why did too ask that.

you have an amazing wife and she’s beautiful but that question just hurt my brain

Jasper Benedict Tang says:

does it have an audio lag when you play videos?

Riko Rod says:

Samsung better than IPhone thank for the non cell phone comparó review ☺ good review by the way

Damanteg Singh says:

you shouldn’t have gotten an iPhone 7 look at the Pixel xl

Dr. Tahir Qureshi says:

how to turn it off the unit? every time you sit in your car turn on /off? Please let me know. Thanks much guys.

Zam Dino says:

It working great.. Im using it now watching this video.. 🙂

Debajyoti Swain says:

u idiot, the pin is called male to male 3.5mm adapter and do look at the package as it’s written STREAMBOT MINI

Andres Diaz says:

great review guys

Jazmine Curry says:

you can use an aux cord on the iphone 7 if you have an adapter that should come with the phone!! you just connect that to the aux cord!

A F says:

I have already got an AUX and USB option in my car stereo,so I ‘am not sure of buying one like that Bluetooth receiver,I mean not sure whether it’s worth buying it or not,but the sound quality is really good,the reason of not buying a bluetooth stereo is because it’s more expensive than the ordinary one with only AUX and USB portable.

MzReddMusicLIVE says:

do it work for lg v10

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