Bluetooth audio receiver for £3 ($5) review

Is this £3 ($5) bluetooth receiver too good to be true? Watch to find out.

I picked this one up from deal extreme:

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Rich Williams says:

Im looking for 1 that doesnt pop or buzz when ur fone goes quiet n reconnects etc…

Rajat Joshi says:

is the USB port important like my car doesn’t have a USB port but it has has a 3.5 mm jack

Naiuhz says:

Sound quality is pretty bad I have to admit

Alex Wallau says:

Hi! The output really is stereo? I have a similar product and the output is mono 🙁

NV2 Noogets says:

Can you hook this up to a microphone with a 3.5mm jack then have a Bluetooth dongle in a camcorder and have the mic wireless?

Jingo Lopez says:

I can’t seem to find the Bluetooth on my iPhone.

Gagan Bindoria says:

my frnd that’s not wireless

Yash Gharat says:

volume output using Bluetooth is low

Sloth 2012 says:

does this device work with the ps4?

KUNDI4LIFE23 says:

Mine only has like 5 feet of range and it goes in and out, pretty bad if you ask me

gtd65 says:

Did you get your dongle to work during telephone calls? I’ve just received mine and it works really well for playing audio but won’t route regular mobile calls or any kind of voice calls through the device…?

channel papy says:

is this a stereo? or monaural?

Gnarly360Franco says:

does the USB part “has” to be plugged into something for it to work?

Suhail Ahmed says:

Hello can i connect this lg smart tv usb port

Jorge Enrique Condorios Yllapuma says:

I am speak Spanish not English

omar japhet landeros says:

i bought the re4ceiver but the bluethooth sound cuts so much do you know can be solved this troubleshooting

Leecarl Liwanag says:

i bought one but the blue stay on. its not blinking…

Flash Light says:

do I need a aux cable? can I just not plug it in my car usb and that’s it?

Raja Shekar says:

does it work for android bluetooth

Xain Sheikh says:

You missed the most important thing, SOUND QUALITY!!

Manisha Shah says:

can i use it without aux , with usb only???

Pratik Khambe says:

Hey brother..its great review..can you please tell if there’s any issues in sound quality via playing on mobile?? Is sound comes properly and clear..??

Thanks in advance..

Sundaram Ghosh says:


Ďïp says:

Can I adjust equaliser throw the phone this device

George B. Dagher says:

hi, how to use that with an old stereo system?

Irishcarspotting YT says:

Ordered one 3 days ago from China probably have to wait 2 weeks to get it but can’t wait

Mayank Kshitiz says:


Yuval says:

Any idea if this thing will work the other way around ? like I have an headphone plug on my TV that I can plug headphones and listen to it. Will I be able to use this in order to connect a bluetooth headphones to my tv (without a cable) ?


how to turn off the voice instructions, after you connect the receiver repeats the phrase low battery + charger

Azarhru DDin says:

Does everybody facing this problem mine works good but it is not loud enough its too low y so?

vikosaa says:

Hi! I use this in my car. Playing music is fine, but when i make a call, i have to listen to the phones ear speaker, as if the phone is not connected to the receiver. I use a xiaomi redmi note 2. Do you know if I can fix this?

Stewart McGarvey says:

On the speakers I want to use this on I have a USB port do I need to use the 3. 5mm jack??

Ali Ajeel says:

Dose that make auto connect to the phone ones its get back to the range or when its powering on ?

Sgt Cake says:

Does the device go into stand by if it doesn’t receive a signal for some time?

Alessandro Nilsen says:

I got one and works great, the sound quality is good, be sure to use a well shielded cable.

In my DIY 2.1 system, the preamp is able to receive the noise made by the bluetooth signal, like the beep beep that cell phones makes into audio receivers, but is continuous and changes if a device is connected (maybe some issue with the 7805 powering it?).

Okay Lah says:

I bought one of this in the china website and it’s an absolutely no go for car users. Firstly, it’s good that it can play internet radio and your music files, but once the phone call comes in, ur music stops. When u stopped your phone call, the music doesn’t continue, in fact, what pisses me is that i have to reconnect the bluetooth device again from settings again! Sometimes it doesn’t even connect and i have to pull out the bluetooth device and replug in to be detected. Overall Verdict: This is a piece of crap and needs further improvement. Save your money.

Gagan Bindoria says:

and i can tell you how to make it wireless
if u want to know
you can reply

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