Belkin Bluetooth Car Adapter Review

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The full name is: Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit for Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry,and Android Smartphones, US Version

This is my review of this device. Please understand why I could not remember the name, its freaking long. lol. I hope you enjoy like comment subcribe thanks. Look no further for a in care bluetooth solution, this is what you’ve been praying for!

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Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

All on your phone.

titleist1002 says:

you could get an aux to RCA adapter if you only have RCA inputs

Daniel Herrington says:

I saw a video where they said double tapping the button would skip to the next song.

Scott Robinson says:

could this work in a jaguar x type from 2004

Tommy S says:

I need something like this. My car has RCA aux though. Know anything similar with RCA?

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:


DrPreston2 says:

Are there buttons for skipping tracks? Or do I still have to pick up my phone if I want to skip to the next song on my playlist?

Igor E. K. says:

Thanks, pal. I’ve tried to find information about this device and your video is very helpful. Like.

SmokieTheTree says:

It’s not free waaaaaa

NoLie6 says:

Works great with my Samsung Galaxy S3!

Michael Beck says:

It can pause (single klick) and skip the track (double click)

Neci Sanders says:

what app reads you text messages

akenaj91 says:

what Radio model is that?

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

Does what show it? My phone? Or my car?

If its not integrated to the car it will never show detailed information. It needs to be apart of the head unit for that to happen.

Kevin Nether says:

Nope USB is only used for charging other devices. That’s all.

DawgzofWar says:

Love us music you use in the 1st 2 minutes who is it?

crociati17 says:

do you need an AUX input?

Loso Way says:

So it has to be plugged into a cigarette port ?

erica li says:

Nobody else is concerned about the “caught on fire” comment? Anyone else have this issue? My car is definitely not on the list of things I want to watch burn.

tester083 says:

nice car, G8! getting bluetooth for mine too now.

George Villalta says:

I have a charger from Techmatte,, that works really well. It charges really quickly. You can plug in your phone, and then auxiliary 

Maciek Z says:

I’m not familiar with the Bluetooth adapter So I decided buy it from Avalon48, It’s really good company which installing bluetooth adapters and Handsfree Car Kits

Vic M says:

the purpose of having Bluetooth is to not have all those cables so this beats the purpose i dont like this product

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:


Justin Burto says:


Chuck Lemire says:

Hey Techninja what are you using to hold up your nexus on the dash?

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

I stopped using that solution though, over time it tore down and really sucked to be honest. I now use: Arkon SM410 Universal Windshield with Dashboard and Vent Mount for Smartphones and PDA

Look it up on amazon.

Jesse G says:

does it show the title of the song playing tho

Paul Corbin says:

I picked up a new unit from Amazon and used it for about a year, Worked great other then the USB on the back of the charger never worked.
But the unit later cough on fire at the charging plug.

xxxzoso says:

Thanks for the review!

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:


Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

This is my galaxy nexus, I have a nexus4 as well. BOTH have Google Now.

jbatesbtt says:

Do you HAVE to have it plugged in via auxiliary AND USB? I have USB on my car but not auxiliary. Really looking into this model, but not if it has to be plugged up with auxiliary cause that defeats the purpose almost entirely except for phone calls. Please let me know. Thanks!

ianim8 says:

God Over Money – Bizzle!
Thanks for the review. This is exactly what I am looking for to play my music in my car instead of having a new stereo installed.

NapFloridian says:

Garbage …. it still needs a AUX port… which is still cable clutter

VisionOnDuty says:

I hear that Bizzle!

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

If it has an AUX then yes.

Izzy The Gentleman says:

I know that this is an old video, but I appreciate you uploading this. Your reviews are always on point! Btw, it sounds like you were bumpin’ some Bizzle in the car, lol! Much respect and God bless.

Francis Nanco says:

Thanks for the review… Can I change tracks with this?

Leon McDaniels says:

You still have cables showing though…

DrewdogG8 says:

G8 ?

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

I wish this video will die, lol. Not my finest hour. LOL.

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

hmmmmm i’ll try it out.

FW Ges. says:

So you got rid of the auxiliary sloppy looking cable and replaced it with a bluetooth sloppy looking cable. Sweet.

marvin_bh says:

Yes. Double tap and it will skip the song. Triple tap and will rewind. Tap and hold and Siri will came up… ;-P

JerMe Allen says:

can u skip tha music tracks

DrPreston2 says:

How do you repeat a song or go back to the previous song?

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