Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Adapter: Wiimotes, WiiUPro & PS4 Controllers on PC – Plug n’ Play

Today I Show off a “Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Adapter” that is Plug & Play on Windows 8 & 10
I attempt to use my this adapter to connect my: WiiU Pro, Wiimote and PS4 Controllers to my PC – Over Bluetooth!
Can WiinUSoft and DS4Windows Both Pickup my Gamepads on Bluetooth?

Amazon.ca Link: http://amzn.to/2wgJpxB
Model: DG40S – “Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Adapter by Avantree”
WiinUSoft Download: https://wiinupro.com

WiinUSoft Setup: https://youtu.be/OayBN2w79zo

DS4Windows Download: https://github.com/Jays2Kings/DS4Windows/releases

DS4Windows + kit-kat-slim Setup: https://youtu.be/NIm3s5CFCek

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Heriberto Llamas says:

This is way too cool. Thank you for this video and all the others, really good info like always.

tsunderek says:

I couldnt stop staring at your beard dude……

Justin Davidson says:

nice im def getting one thanks for your helpful vids as always dude! 😀

Voltage controlled Ovulator says:

I use a linksys USBBT100 For my wiimotes never had a single issue and its a class 1 device.

Luigi The WibWober says:

Imagine playing splatoon with a ps3 controller

Armando Villanueva says:


Andrea Pirazzi says:

I m happy because i passed the am thing for the motorbike!! Yayy

Some Dev Named Luma says:

Dat beard

THE PAN says:

That beard is very majestic

Rick Sanchez says:


Ubsoft Server manager says:

Do you want my dollar shave club subscription

sergiorubalcava253 says:

I have the same one but I’m running into problems. I can connect my Wii u pro controller but when I play a game I get no response when pressing buttons.

TheKHfan358over3d says:


I know there’s that guy who says what’s the point?
but being within the first 5 means something


Haha I have done it!

Alex Hernandez says:


thefeet says:

Hi fellow Canadian! /wave from Alberta! I just ordered the Avantree DG40S in hopes it will work with my PS3’s DualShock 3 controllers using the SCP Toolkit. SCP Toolkit works fine wired with my controllers but I’m looking for a wireless option. DO you know if this little dongle will work using DS3 controllers and SCP Toolkit by chance? I’m sure hoping so since the reviews/Q&A’s at amazon.ca are mixed. Some ppl saying no, others saying yes… Hence I’m hoping you are a bit more knowledgeable regarding this setup. I’ll be using Win7-64 Home Premium. I just couldn’t stand Windows 10…uninstalled :/

Ziko says:

Can you use an Xbox 360 controller to control your 3DS when streaming to your computer?

mauricio G says:

Best Beard I’ve ever seen in my life *-*

Alex says:

First ecks dee

yaseg123 says:

Wow you have so much hair

kay chaser says:


Eric Cloyd says:

Your hair is a glorious fountain holy crap

Littlegamer888 says:

Great for the current issue with Intel wireless Bluetooth on the creators update

John Jimenez says:

How many remotes can you connect?

riukokai says:

awesosm nice review . hey what is the name or the model of the sensor bar ypu have

Attaxx says:

https://sites.google.com/view/requesttohost/home will you read this and tell me if you’ll consider it?

Marcel Meidinger says:

Does this Work with Switch Controller too?

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