Add Bluetooth to AUXILIARY Input or USB Port – Bluetooth Receivers

Don’t have Bluetooth on your car or home stereo? No problem! These Bluetooth Receivers connect to your AUX Input or USB Port to provide Bluetooth to any source!

Bluetooth Receivers in order of Appearance:

Naxa NAB-4003



Clarus BT-AUX-S

Beuler BTUSB

Beuler BT12V

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athieF says:

Do you have a reseller for South East Asia Countries?


Your website is sketchy as all hell

Jacob Cohen says:

If I have a 08 Camry with no usb but cigarette and aux which do I buy?

Todd Miller says:

Nice review video. I liked how fast you got to the point and didn’t waste any time with random info. You told me everything I need to know very quickly and covered all of the questions I had very thoroughly.

ItsPho says:

What about steering wheel controls? Do they work with those bluetooth adapters?

Phil D12 says:

Great video

jmaslin says:

LOL…. Beuler…… Beuler……

Treyy Scott says:

Does beuler auto connect when car turns on?

Thiago Oliveira says:

This video is gold. I was looking for a device like Naxa NAB-4003. It’s great to know this exists! And it’s simple (if you think). It’s emulating an usb mass storage device while getting data from bluetooth. The codec is the same, I think.

The3rd ERA says:

What I noticed is that on your pink noise for the claris’ the response around 45 and below was lacking. So if you are running a subwoofer, that would suck!!!

_1_ says:

yah I use to do this but having a head unit that is BT ready with out any delay is great 🙂

Krisztián Simon says:

All of theese are crap. There is reputable chineese brand. Ugreen, i have purschaed plenty stuff from them(charge cables, charger(yet to be taken apart for quality check, but seems nice so far)). They a bluetooth reveiver with built in battery, it connects smoothly with my phone altough my notebook struggles sometimes. But the battery easily lasts for 5hour. has a jack male plug so no cable required. I highly suggest them. Altough i cant measure its audi quality. But i would like you to testthem properly. And also has mic input, which works like a charm.

d77543020 says:

That has to be the worst Bluetooth adapter I’ve ever seen that sucks

InnoAlvinVarel says:

First seeing the channel’s name, I’m a bit skeptic, but it’s pretty good video

Eurie Brown says:

Do the receivers automatically pair after the first time or do you have to go through the steps over and over?

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