Add Bluetooth to an old amp with the Logitech Bluetooth Adaptor

A quick & simple video about sending Apple streaming music to a HiFi using a bluetooth receiver. You can buy the Logitech Bluetooth Receiver on Amazon: (UK) (USA)
This video seems to have caused a surprising amount of confusion. The number one question asked by probably a dozen people in the first hour was – “Why didn’t I use Chromecast Audio’ The copy and paste answer is as follows: “My family streaming music subscription is with Apple Music (which doesn’t have a Chromecast app) and I wanted to auto-connect whenever the HiFi was powered up, so Airplay was also out of the question”.


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Jed Teng says:

Is the sound compressed and volume became lower than wired connection?

keyi breand says:

thnks for the video. would you reccomend this over an fm transmitter?

Harry Magnus says:

BuMe is better

Superficial S says:

Audiocast is smaller and better sound quality beciuse it connect via wifi (no looses). bluetooth has compresed audio…

Planet Uranus says:

Got my sub just for biggie, awesome retro system setup you got there.

Sam Seriös says:

There are adapters for a few quid with a female barrel plug, a male barrel plug and a switch in between. You can put that in between the power adapter and the bluetoth receiver and thus turn it off (the power supply itself remains on of course).

cass t says:

Does the sound quality stay the same?

South Point says:

Bought this exact device on Amazon: Easy as it appears and superb sound through my vintage hifi gear.

Jack Nunley says:

Now if I could figure out how to power it using the power supply for my floor model turntable.and cut out an extra wire dangling around

רועי שטרקר says:

Great review! Thanks!
I will buy this one….

Ian Gregson says:

I have a cool device in my old 99 Toyota that only has a cd with radio – connects IPOD via bluetooth and then sends audio signal on an FM frequency of your choosing was $30 and saves carting around all those CD’s – quality is not great but acceptable

Victor Vazquez says:

Thanks Techmoan, I’ve been looking for a Bluetooth receiver like this for my surround sound system.

Freeatlast28 says:

I use my Amazon echo dot

Kristoffer Rhodes says:

Thanks for the video. To be fair you answered a question for me as I’ve been trying to do this for some time. I have an iPad and to say it cost a fortune it has possible the worst speaker in it I’ve ever heard. Ever. Ps I’ve subscribed. Thanks again.

palehorseone says:

Thank you for that. And I love your classic style stereo system! This is a great, logical, and effective upgrade to it–the best of both worlds.

ZakkandtheJ says:

I’ve got one of these and its brilliant.

Daniel Farrant says:

Any preferences for one with “digital” output, optical or coaxial ?to connect to my amp with a DAC

Craig Peace says:

Hi there thank you for the info.. would this work with blue tooth headphones?

sysierius says:

the adapter is awesome!
i have it too

captianbubble says:

I have this Bluetooth adapter! Use it a lot! Are use the Bluetooth adapter with my boombox, so I can make my mix tape with that too! Awesome!

Ryan Main says:

I like the sound it makes when I connect 🙂

Allan Rodrigo says:

the sound becomes loud or goes low?

Herman Munster says:

Theres also a Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter on Ebay from Mpow, which is very small and also rechargeable. It plays for about 5 hours on a full charge, and can be plugged directly into a 3.5mm aux in socket, or L/R RCA phono jacks. All leads are supplied, but no charger. It can be charged with a micro usb phone charger though. Here the ebay item number. 233025775987
Mpow make many other bluetooth products too.

wildmutationblu says:

Fantasitic device, Thank you for sharing.

Tugboat says:

Great video. I hsve huge reception issues in my shed with am radio. So am forced to use a cheap bluetooth speaker. Think the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter. Will fix my problems cheers

Teddy Han says:

this is awesome !!!!!!!!

Steve Bosell says:

And you’re a Notorious BIG fan? I knew there was a reason I loved you!

T'airn'KA says:

I tried to find info on a stereo to 5.1 converter in your playlist but no luck. 😉
Do you have any info regarding stereo to 5.1 converters for watching streamed online videos?

LoudMercury says:

Does it have 3.5mm input? Or is it just 2 different outputs? (rca and 3.5) thanks

Jimmie Duncan says:

Can you use this to record on a reel to reel tape and if you can can you show how to do it it would be so helpful because I want to record on my reel hope that you can help me with this have a beautiful day.

Murat Sahan says:

A very nice and informative video. Well done!

Mark Buckmaster says:

Hi Techmoan, thanks for the video, very useful. I think I’ll get one for my stepdaughter who does gigs. At the moment she has to plug in her iPhone or iPad into the PA and therefore keeps needing to go back to the PA, to select her next backing track, often turning her back on her audience. I’m hoping with this, she can Bluetooth her device to the PA and within reason not be confined to standing near the PA during her performance. Thanks

first last says:

Don’t buy this if you have loud speakers it it’s very crackily

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