About The SpeedyBee Bluetooth-USB Adapter..

USB Adapter:

SpeedyBee Bluetooth-Uart Adapter

SpeedyBee FC


Soft Serial Tutorial


Flying Buzzard says:

Nice review…..and great info

EnglishTurbines says:

Serves em right for overspending on an Apple product in the first place….lol…..My Samsung has a way better Camera in it too..lol.

Alun Morgan says:

Only silly people use Apple products anyway. Android is best 🙂

Brighton Till I Fly says:

why didn’t you put a balance connector one it so you connect it to the same battery? (thumbs down, dislike, report, unsubscribe and blocked)

Carl Hudson says:

Great video Andy. I had no idea you could even do this! This is brilliant, no more laptop at the field. Do you know if this would work on iNav?

PitbullOnAcid says:


Nameless Droner says:

Liked before the video started ! I’m an iPhone user so thanks for the warning.

brett jacobs says:

What do i gotta do to get ya to send me one of these lol i need one bad

Unix Nerd says:


Andre M says:

Glad they made it for the iPhone guys and girls. Thanks for the review sir

Wade Tubman says:

Otg has problems on Google pixel Android. I think the speedebee is a great idea

Martin Phillips says:

Thank you very much, Andy! Great! This is what I needed to know!

PropStrike RC says:

Can you flash the board with these things? Seems a bit of a fuss having 2 lipos plugged in but there are those times you want betaflight right now!

Zoltan Gremsperger says:

I’m gonna use this because it’s very simple

leeit2me says:

Android users been using the OTG for years… Apple fan boys are finally playing catch up.. LOL.. oh.. wait.. I own a iphone.. 🙁

ziggyzbeak R.C. says:

I just use what works for me to each his own Cheers

William Norton says:

Hey Andy this William again from the US
SIir I have a brand new omnibus f4 that I put in a build and unplugged the USB and also removed the USB port at the same time.i realize it only about a 30-35 board however I would like to still use it.in your opinion what is the best way to still adjust the board – change modes ,ect.
Please help sir and thank you for all the great content,William

skypilot 23 says:

Eow confused- must watch 2x
Which system works!?

Cappurnikus says:

I hadn’t made a comment about this but I was confused about these products since I’m an Android user and have been using the OTG cable. Thanks for explaining!


another proper top notch review from andyrc . i’ve recently unsubscribed from uav features . …


Speedybee have just bought out a flight controller with bluetooth built in too!

shozzy69 says:

Really worried with all that weight on the usb of the flight controller as in the past I have had loads of usbs rip off

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