8bitdo USB Wireless Adapter Review- PS4 / Xbox One Controller on Switch!

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/nv2r0 (affiliate link) – 8BitDo has a handy little $20 adapter that allows a PS4 controller to work on a Nintendo Switch with full motion controls! Other controllers work too and it adds some useful x-input compatibility on PC. See more game controllers – http://lon.tv/gamecon and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

01:06 – Hardware overview
01:16 – Using a PS4 controller to a Nintendo Switch
01:47 – PS4 dualshock motion controls on Switch
02:28 – Won’t wake switch from sleep
02:51 – Switch settings for the USB receiver
03:41 – Controller compatibility
04:02 – Use Xbox One Controller on Switch
04:41 – Input lag on Switch
05:33 – PS3 Controller Pairing process
06:11 – Only one controller at a time
06:28 – PC and Xinput compatibility
07:20 – PC input lag
07:42 – PC controller compatibility
08:33 – Android / Shield TV / Raspberry Pi / MAc
09:04 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The adapter only supports one controller at a time unfortunately. But it does add a lot of value for Nintendo Switch owners as it makes it possible to use PS4, Xbox One, Wii, and Wii U controllers with few compromises. The motion controls only work on the PS4 controller, however.

PC support is useful especially for those looking to map a PS4 controller to X-input. The dongle does that mapping without any additional drivers required.

See the latest compatibility in the support manual here:


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Pinder Productions says:

That looks quite useful

Marios G3 says:

Hi i have a nvidia shield tv box and i bought a controller that it dosnt have usb dongle… can this in vid help me ??
Please answer me

MobileDecay says:

I have the mayflash adapter. I got it so I could use my mayflash fightstick with the switch and so I can give my friend an xbox controller while I use the pro controller. Works great!

The Boogeyman says:

can you turn off the light on ps4 controller with it connected to pc, if you can i will buy if, if not i will continue using ds4 windows instead which lets you do that and more

videogameobsession says:

Not being able to turn on the Switch with the Dual Shock 4 Home buton, or take screen shots with the Share button pretty much kills it for me. Maybe they will figure it out in an update.

neil9000 says:

Actually I would say the reasons for this are the opposite of what you said, it works on PC for multiple controllers that didn’t work without 3rd party software previously.

pancakewizard says:

I actually like the joycons but this would be awesome for my pc with a ps4 controller since my current bluetooth adapter (best buy version) constantly is losing pairing.

Dick Strong says:

That input lag test was especially informative. Thanks for such a thorough review!

Superjam23 says:

Is this new?

Herman Mortensen says:


MrThegamemasterlord says:


mrbowtie64 says:

Great video! Do you know if it will work on the retrocade?

Rei Senpai says:

If anyone wants to use their PS4 controller on PC you can always use Steam Input. It’ll let you use the gyro, touchpad, and control the lightbar. You can rebind the buttons to xinput, mouse, or keyboard inputs.

Abid Samdani says:

Hi Lon, with how many game controllers can 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter can connect at a time ?

Sam Lazar Tech says:

Will this work on a PS3 or wiiU? Does it work with the steal series xl controller.

Trashdinner says:

fantastic review!!!

jevansturner says:

From what I understand, any Retro Receiver can do this if you use the short USB cable to connect it to a PC, PlayStation 3/4, or Nintendo Switch.

thomas arellanes says:

Holy poop that’s awesome!

MotherRat says:

Wish this would come out in Canada… been waiting for it

zoiks 66 says:

Will this dongle allow you to use an Xbox One controller with a PS4 console?

Dope Nut says:

Does this work with Bluetooth headphones?

bullZz24 says:

Will motion control on the 8bitdo pro work on pc/mac?

RDelacroix says:

Hey Lon, thanks for the review very much appreciate it. If at all possible, can you test multiple of these adapters(2-3) through a USB hub? Thanks!

Hiram J says:

Does it work with a phone/tablet with an OTG cable??

Eric Brunhammer says:

One great thing about 8BitDo is they make these great products, and they’re priced to be obtainable to the average Joe.

Liam Bhardwaj says:

Does the PS3 pairing method work on Linux as well, or just Mac/PC? Maybe a different way to get PS3 controller connectivity on Linux?

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