$8 Bluetooth? Cheap Aux Port BLUETOOTH ADAPTER “Review”

Today, I take you guys along and review this cheap little bluetooth adapter for the auxiliary 3.5mm jack in your car! For only $8, it was worth a try, and I was actually pretty surprised by it! Thanks for watching, and enjoy 😀
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Andrei Lucaci says:

It’s a reciever,i need same size transmitter wich can transmit sound from any audio device(mixer,walkman) to bluetooth speaker.

Rudolph Guzman says:

What’s the point if you have the aux cord?

Xxx tentacion says:

“Upgraded sound system” *has duel sub*

ervin ros says:

boys drive sports cars, men drive pt cruisers

Joseph Madison says:

Ive bought 4 of those i keep breaking them every 2 months. It’s worth it

Josef Pardubický says:

Have it battery? Or you need it USB conenct all the time?

Sircivus Won says:

Nice cutting editing. You saved your viewers time by cutting out the slow spots. Thanks for the video.

Greg James says:

What if my car has an aux port but not a usb? Is there another alternative so I can get bluetooth? I would appreciate some help, I own a 2008 skoda fabia with the factory stereo, thx 😀

Abdulrahman Aljamali says:

Shower from time to time dude

a777Liam says:

Hey mate, good video!
Pretty sure a lot of those bluetooth adaptors will go into sleep mode after not being used for 15 minutes, and shut off after 30 minutes so I don’t think you’ll need to shut it off manually each time unless your usb is always on

Welsey says:

Get back to the CHEVY S10

Rushing Knives/uL-Fives says:

Idk if you’ll see this but it is now 17 of december 2018 and i would like to know if the bluetooth still works.

Josef Rubio says:

I have that it sounds like stereo crap and not surround

Helen o grady says:

Yuk your finger nails are rotten , wash your hands ffs

ShadowSurfer says:

Damn you should have left an affiliate link I bought this off amazon

Joseph Sandoval says:

Can this be used in a house system

Axl Godden says:

. Really with the montage. Your car is fucking lame dude. Worst cars ever.

Luis Lopez says:

No mames I can’t imagine anyone bumping that shit down the street sounds gay

Yo Mama says:

It cost $15 here

sonu nayak says:

Can we connect this to head phones

Jordan Hansen says:

Thanks for editing the moments between talking, video starts at 2:30, or straight to the example at 3:40

Channel C.G.E. says:

The plan was to release this video Monday or Tuesday, unfortunately my camera that I’ve been using for over 3.5 years finally died on me, and I lost some footage too 🙁 but I’m glad I could publish this one! May have a little bonus video out between now and Sunday, too ;D thanks as always for your support!! Y’all rock!

Dude in a 3point8 - says:

wtf people still drive pt cruisers?

Post Anything says:

I like how he tried to do a cinematic of a cheap ass pt cruiser lol

aliwalyd3 lol says:

It’s so weird to hear music in the background of a video and it is fine. I’m used to people getting videos taken down and stuff because of 2 second clips with music lol

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